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MILWAUKEE, MINNESOTA / Milwaukee, Minnesota

Direction: Allan Mindel
Screenplay: Richard D. Murphy
Cinematography: Bernd Heini
Editing: David Rawlins
Music: Michael Convertino, Robert Muzingo
Cast: Troy Garity, Alison Folland, Randy Quaid, Bruce Dern, Hank Harris
Producer: Michael Brody, Jeff Kirshbaum
Production: Albert and Tuey Productions
  35mm B&W 95'
USA 2003

Albert is special. He can hear fish talking under ice. ThatĘs his secret to being a champion fisherman. HeĘs well into his twenties but his Mom still accompanies him to ice fishing tournaments, where he has won hundreds of thousands of dollars in prize money. When street-smart Tuey and her hypochondriac teenage brother Stan drift into AlbertĘs quaint Milwaukee suburb, they stumble upon an opportunity to fill their empty pockets. Smooth-talking salesman Jerry James has also sleazed into town and is also on the lookout for a quick buck. Everyone is after AlbertĘs hidden fortune.

Allan Mindel
In the eighties he co-founded the model agency Click and the talent agency Flick. As an agent, his clients included Uma Therman, Viggo Mortensen, David Duchovny and Isabella Rossellini. He was executive producer of Gus Van SantĘs "My Own Private Idaho". "Milwaukee, Minnesota" is his first feature film.


2003 Milwaukee, Minnesota




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