10 Years of the Balkan Survey
The films being presented explore the common social problems that accompany the new transitional period after the fall of communism (Moonless Night, Summer in the Golden Valley, Mirage, The Pharaoh), the wounds of the civil war (Witnesses), or the political oppression of minorities in the recent past (Waiting for the Clouds), as well as the universal existential problems linked to human nature and coming of age (Mila from Mars, When I Grow Up I'll Be a Kangaroo, Beneath Her Window) , and the personal crisis of a filmmaker (The Waiting Room).


These films evoke the atmosphere of their contemporary social reality (Moonless Night, Summer in the Golden Valley, Mirage, The Pharaoh), of the war (Witnesses), or of the recent past (Waiting for the Clouds), through finely crafted visual representations. They stand out for their traditional (Beneath Her Window) or original narrative structure (Witnesses), they promote a more personal cinematic écriture (The Waiting Room), they continue the great comedic tradition established in the former Yugoslavia (When I Grow Up IÕll Be a Kangaroo), and emit the spirit of independent cinema (Mila from Mars).


    1. BENEATH HER WINDOW, Metod Pevec (2003)
    2. MILA FROM MARS, Sophia Zornitsa (2004)
    3. MIRAGE, Svetozar Ristovski (2004)
    4. MOONLESS NIGHT, Artan Minarolli (2004)
    5. SUMMER IN THE GOLDEN VALLEY, Srdjan Vuletic (2003)
    6. PHARAOH, Sinisa Dragin (2004)
    7. THE WAITING ROOM, Zeki Demirkubuz (2003)
    8. WAITING FOR THE CLOUDS, Yesim Ustaoglu (2004)
    9. WHEN I GROW UP I'LL BE A KANGAROO, Radivoje Andric (2004)
    10. WITNESSES, Vinko Bresan (2003)

(c) 2004 Thessaloniki International Film Festival