Liu Fendou


2004 Lu mao tze

He was born in Peking, in 1969. He wrote the screenplay for Zhang Yang˘s Love Spicy Soup and Shower (which won the best foreign film award at Hong Kong and Seattle), as well as for A Beautiful New World by Shi Ren Jiu and Spring Subway by Zhang Yi Bai. Green Hat is his feature debut and won best feature and director awards at the Tribeca Film Festival.


 GREEN HAT / Lu mao tze

Direction: Liu Fendou
Screenplay: Liu Fendou
Cinematography: Chen Ying, Peng Li
Editing: Jia Cuiping
Sound: Zhai Lixin, He Yue, Sun Chen
Sets: Shen Zi, Li Renqing
Music: Jin Wulin
Cast: Liao Fan, Li Haibin, Dong Lifan, Li Congxi, Li Mei
Producer: Liu Fendou, Lu Yan, Peggy Chiao
Production: Almost Entertainment Pictures
  35mm Colour 100'
China 2004
Definition: in the old days in China, a male servant working in a brothel traditionally wore a green scarf. It was sign of humiliation. In modern times, a man who is cuckolded by his wife or lover is said to "wear a green hat".
The film tells the story of two men ?one a bank robber and the other a police captain- who share the humiliation of "wearing a green hat". Their cases differ, but their anguish is the same. In the end, each makes what he believes is the right choice for himself.


(c) 2004 Thessaloniki International Film Festival