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Nico Papatakis

1975/2005 Gloria Mundi
1992 Les Equilibristes
1986 The photograph
1967 Les pâtres du désordre (The Shepards)
1963 Les Abysses

He was born in Ethiopia on July 5th 1918 to a Greek father and an Abyssinian mother. He spent the early years of his life in Ethiopia, Lebanon and Greece. In 1939 he moved to Paris where he studied acting at the Solange Sicart drama school and began his career as an actor.
Between 1948 and 1955 he managed the literary café “The Red Rose” the hangout of famous existentialists where artists like Juliette Gréco and Boris Vian debuted. In 1950 he produced his close friend Jean Genet only movie, Un Chant d’Amour (A love song). In 1959 he became the co-producer of John Cassavetes’ first movie, Shadows. Occasionally he directed for the theater and he recently published his autobiographical novel Tous les désespoirs sont permis (ed. Hatzinikoli, 2005). The 46th Thessaloniki Film festival and Kastaniotis editions have published a monograph by Yannis Kondaxopoulos, Elegy of subversion, the filmmaking of Nikos Papatakis (2005).
Nikos Papatakis

The photograph - I fotografia / Nico Papatakis

During the dictatorship, a young man goes to Paris, where he seeks help from a solitary and almost misanthropic distant relative who works as a furrier. The young man carries with him the photograph of a singer whom he presents as his sister, thus causing a series of misunderstandings which trap him in a vicious circle of lies and fantasies. An allegory in the form of a modern-day tragedy of the “misunderstandings” and deceits of modern Greek History, as seen through the eyes of a Greek of the Diaspora

Direction: Nico Papatakis
Sceenplay: Nico Papatakis
Cinematography: Aris Stavrou, Arnaud Desplechin
Editing: Delphine Desfons
Sound: Pascal Armant, Yannis Haralambidis
Sets: Nikos Meletopoulos
Costumes: Nikos Meletopoulos
Music: Christodoulos Halaris
Cast: Christos Tsangas, Aris Retsos, Zozo Zarpa, Despina Tomazani, Christos Valavanidis
Production: Greek Film Centre, Ikones Ltd., RGP
  35mm, color, 102 min, 1986
  Greece - France