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2nd Agora - The TIFF Market November 17-26 2006

Coordinators: Margarita Eliopoulou, Athena Georgiadou
Assistant: Stella Vlachomitrou

Following the success of the first Agora last year, the Thessaloniki International Film Festival has organized a second Agora-TIFF Film market within the framework of the 47th festival, from 17-26 November 2006.

1st Agora Statistics and Results

  • 360 top film professionals (producers, distributors, sales agents, etc.) from 45 countries participated, of which 120 took part in the festival for the first time (amongst them, distribution companies such as Weinstein Co.).
  • 395 films from Greece, the Balkans, SE Europe and the SE Mediterranean were viewed 2,500 times.
  • A significant number of non-domestic films participating in the international section of the festival acquired a Greek distribution deal (e.g. Funny HaHa - USA, Iron Island - Iran).
  • A satisfactory number of non domestic films participating in the official section of the festival acquired an international distribution deal (e.g. Man Push Cart - USA).
  • Greek films participating in all sections of the festival received support in order to start the negotiation process for a domestic or international distribution deal (e.g. Evil - Greece, USA).
  • Greek and international distributors, producers and sales agents, participated in 8 thematic "Sales Meze" lunches with traditional Greek dishes, focusing on international sales and distribution.
  • 25 Greek producers, with 21 films participating in the Greek Panorama section of the Festival, received specialized counselling regarding the international course of their films in one-to-one meetings with international film trade experts.
  • The detailed Greek Audiovisual directory (English edition) was distributed to 1,000 international professionals.
  • Agora also provided support for 35 films from SE Europe to find International distribution.

What is Agora?

The name comes from the ancient Greek word for marketplace, where public debate, elections and all sorts of interaction, including buying and selling, took place. Agora is an "umbrella" event that gives audiovisual professionals from all over the world the opportunity to:

  • View, sell and buy new films from Greece, the Balkans and the Mediterranean.
  • View, sell and buy feature films from all over the world that participated in all the programs of the Festival.
  • Network and make deals for the distribution of their films in the international market.
  • Develop contacts to foster co-productions with professionals from other countries.
  • Exchange ideas regarding film production.
  • Provide training through interaction and workshops on production, promotion and feature film exports.
  • Be briefed on the possibilities and business opportunities offered by the Greek audiovisual industry.


Film buyers, distributors, sales agents, producers, International Film Festival programmers and representatives of film institutes and organizations from all over the world, as well as film buyers and producers from Greece, the Balkans and the SE Mediterranean have already confirmed their participation this year.


  • To develop in Thessaloniki a film market with a focused geographic interest.
  • To attract film professionals from all over the world.
  • To create a significant center to reinforce trading in the region.
  • To support the export of Greek films.
  • To support co-productions.


Agora presents new trends and offers professionals involved in the programming and acquisitions sectors of the film and television industry an invaluable opportunity for trade related activities in an informal, hospitable, relaxed, but very professional atmosphere. Participants in the Agora have access to all Festival-related activities, public screenings, industry screenings, events and parties.


Agora takes place in parallel to other industry related activities such as seminars,workshops, masterclasses, the Crossroads Co-Production Forum, the Balkan Fund- Thessaloniki International Film Festival Script Development Fund, offering many ideal networking and trade opportunities to film professionals from all over the world.

Agora Screenings

  • Industry Screenings: Accredited participants have exclusive access to Film Library and Industry Screenings of the majority of the international feature films included in the Festival's official program, a wide variety of recently completed films by 1st- 2nd time directors from the entire Balkan Region and the Eastern Mediterranean, as well as current Greek feature film productions highlighted in the Greek Panorama section.
  • Balkan Works in Progress: The new special Agora screening program is being launched for the first time this year, in cooperation with the Balkan Survey section of the Festival. Balkan Works in Progress gives the opportunity to film professionals attending the Agora to be the first to discover projects selected from the entire Balkan region, in the stage just before completion.
  • Mideast Focus: showcases a wide variety of recently produced feature films from the Middle East, aiming to promote regional filmmaking internationally.


Agora is located in the Industry Center of the port of Thessaloniki on the northern shores of the Thermaikos Gulf that opens onto the Aegean Sea, and is in close proximity to Chalkidiki's beautiful beaches. The Industry Center is next to the Festival center and screening rooms, and within walking distance from the city's famous nightlife, in one of the most traditional areas of the historic Greek city.

Services & Tools

  • Mingle @ "Sales Meze": Agora is organizing a series of daily thematic "Sales Meze" lunches for accredited guests, featuring traditional Greek cooking and the relaxed atmosphere of Greek hospitality, aiming to promote informal networking and business among film producers, buyers and sellers from all over the world.
  • Deal Making Support: As an international meeting and trading umbrella, Agora provides marketing, promotion, networking, deal-making, "matchmaking", legal and secretarial support to all accredited guests for effective business negotiations. Agora guarantees that film buyers, distributors, sales agents, producers and International Film Festival programmers from all over the world, are fully briefed on «who is who» and «who is where» during the Agora and able to screen the participating films.
  • Agora Film Guide: the full list of films participating in the Agora is distributed to participants in the Agora bag, along with sales contact and availability information.
  • The Agora Sales Newsletter is distributed to industry delegates, aiming to promote maximum exposure of participating films during the event.
  • Participant Profiles provides a guide to the international industry delegates (producers, distributors, sales agents, educators, festival programmers, experts, institution representatives), participating in all the sections of the Festival.
  • Extensive business profiles of all industry delegates are available to the accredited guests of the Agora.
  • Greek Audiovisual Directory: The full list of Greek Film Professionals is distributed to all Agora participants.

Come to Agora - The Thessaloniki International Film Festival Market: Enjoy Traditional Greek Hospitality, Sell,View and Trade Feature Films, Meet and Negotiate, Be Part of a Unique Celebration


The Thessaloniki International Film Festival is a part of INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION OF FILM PRODUCERS ASSCOCIATIONS / www.fiapf.org