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Grand Jury
Christine Vachon (USA)
Producer, President
Christine Vachon (USA) Christine Vachon is a leading force of American cinema. Known for her commitment to a cinema of quality that dares to deal courageously with "hot" and taboo subjects, breaking the links with traditional filmmaking practices, Christine Vachon has promoted the work of by now familiar names such as Todd Haynes, Mary Harron,Todd Solondz and Kimberly Peirce, while she has worked with directors like Robert Altman and John Waters. With her company Killer Films she has worked for more than 30 films in the past eleven years. She has written two books on independent production. In 2003 she won the Producers' Award by the National Board of Review.
Pierre Rissient (France)
Film Director, Distributor, Film Consultant
Pierre Rissient (France) According to film critic Todd McCarthy, Pierre Rissient is the "least known, enormously influential person in international cinema". Having started as a passionate cinephile from the French Cinematheque in the 1950s, Pierre Rissient has worked as a director, distributor, publicist and festival consultant-a capacity with which he has discovered and brought to the public's attention filmmakers such as Jane Campion, Abbas Kiarostami, Chen Kaige, Clint Eastwood and Hou Hsiao-hsien). He was the first person to introduce Asian and Iranian Cinema to the Western public, at the Cannes Film Festival. UNESCO has honored him with an award for his contribution to the growth of world cinema.
Katia Lund (Brazil)
Film Director, Screenwriter, Producer
Katia Lund (Brazil) Widely known for having co-directed with Fernando Meirelles the film City of God. She started her career by filming innovative documentaries, like News of a Private War (1999), the first reflective treatment of the underbelly of crime in Rio de Janeiro. She gained recognition with her music videos of Brazilian rap artists (in total she has directed over 300 ads and music videos, in Brazil and all over the world). In 2005 she participated with her short film Bilu e Joao in All the Invisible Children, a collective film project with directors like Emir Kusturica, Spike Lee and Ridley Scott.
Diego Galan (Spain)
Film Critic, Film Director
Diego Galan (Spain) He began his career as a film critic for the Spanish magazine Nuestro Cine (1968-1980). He then wrote for the weekly Triunfo (1970-1982) and later for the daily El Pais (1980-1985), where he has contributed with a weekly section, Camara Oculta, since 2002. He was the director of the San Sebastian Film Festival for two periods, 1986-1989 and 1993-2000. He now acts as an advisor to the Festival. He is the author of a good number of books about different aspects and relevant characters of Spanish cinema. He also wrote and directed two series for television.
Mogens Rukov (Denmark)
Scriptwriter, Professor
Mogens Rukov (Denmark) Also known as the "Dogma Doctor", Mogens Rukov has played a vital role in the revival of Danish Cinema and, in particular, in the birth of the Dogma. He was script doctor for Lars von Trier's The Idiots, co-screenwriter with Thomas Vinterburg on The Celebration and coscreenwriter on Soren Kragh Jacobsen's Mifune. He has worked as a professor at the National Danish Filmschool since 1975 and from 1988 he has been the Scriptwriting and Dramaturgy Department's Manager. He has also been a guestteacher in Jerusalem,Tel Aviv,New York, Berlin, Munich, London, Stockholm.
Xu Jinglei (China)
Film Director, Screenwriter, Producer, Actress
Xu Jinglei (China) She was born in 1974. As an actress, Xu Jinglei has been honored with numerous Best Actress and Most Popular Actress awards in China. She studied at the Performance Institute of Beijing Film Academy where she now teaches. She has won many international awards, including the "Altadis"-Best New Director Award at the San Sebastian IFF for her film Letter From an Unknown Woman.
Lefteris Voyatzis (Greece)
Stage Director, Actor
Lefteris Voyatzis (Greece) One of the most important stage artists in Greek theater. He worked with the Anihto Theatro, the Amphitheatro, the Eleftheri Skini, and with Elly Lambeti. In 1981 he founded the Skini theater company in collaboration with six other actors. In 1988 he founded the Nea Skini and in 1989 the Ancient Drama Workshop. He directed Sophocle's Antigone in 1992, with which he toured Europe earning rave reviews, as well as many other award-winning plays, some of them presented at the theater of Ancient Epidavros. As an actor, he has acted in many films including I Dream of My Friends by Nikos Panayotopoulos for which he received the Best Actor Award at the San Remo Festival in 1994.
Jose Carlos Avellar (Brazil)
Jose Carlos Avellar (Brazil) Film critic and author of books on Brazilian and Latin American Cinema (among them: O Cinema Dilacerado - Brazilian Cinema from 1968 to 1978, O Chao da Palavra - Essay on the relationship between cinema and literature in Brazil, A Ponte Clandestina - Film theory in Latin America: Birri, Glauber, Solanas, Garcia Espinosa, Sanjines e Gutierrez Alea and Glauber Rocha). He has also written essays for collective works.
Genoveva Dimitrova (Bulgaria)
Genoveva Dimitrova (Bulgaria) One of Bulgarian's leading film critics. Since 1990 she is the film editor at the Kultura weekly newspaper. Since 1995 she has been teaching Film Analysis at the New Bulgarian University and is a member of the editorial board of Studies magazine, published by the NBU. Since 2003 she has been teaching a lecture course entitled "Let's think cinema" at the MA program of the St. Kliment Ochridski State University. She is a member of the Union of Bulgarian Film Critics, the Union of the Bulgarian Journalists and FIPRESCI.
Sergey Lavrentiev (Russia)
Sergey Lavrentiev (Russia) A famous Russian film critic and film historian. After graduating from the VGIK in 1982, he joined Gosfilmofond, the Russian state film archive. During perestroika he went on to become a leading film critic, known as one of the founders of the "new wave" in Soviet film criticism. Since 1999 he has been the program director of the International Film Festival "Faces of Love" in Moscow and the Sochi International Film Festival, and since 2002 he is the program director of the "Kinotravik" Children's Film Festival in Sochi. He has been a member of the Russian Oscar Committee since 2002.
Ioanna Papageorgiou (Greece)
Ioanna Papageorgiou She studied High and Applied Arts at the Vakalo School of Arts, from where she graduated as a graphic designer. She later studied Psychology, Philosophy and Sociology at London's City University and she earned an MA in Arts Criticism. She has collaborated with Athinorama and Elle magazines, among others, and she has contributed to the special editions of the TIFF on Pedro Almodovar,Wong Kar-Wai and Patrice Chereau. She has worked as a scriptwriter for the film program of Mad TV, while for the past five years she has been writing film criticism, editorials and articles for the Imerisia newspaper and its inset, the weekly magazine, Paper.

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