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>>> 26-11-2006

  World Premiere: The Rape of the Sabine Women by Eve Sussman


The world premiere of the video The rape of the Sabine women by Eve Sussman, took place today, November 19th, at the Olympion theatre in front of an enthusiastic crowd that filled the theatre.
The President of the 47th Thessaloniki Film Festival, Georges Choraface, expressed his gratitude to the Contemporary Art Centre of Thessaloniki (CACT) and the JF Costopoulos Foundation for their collaboration in the presentation of the event.
Ilias Mikoniatis, the Director of the Contemporary Art Centre of Thessaloniki, expressed his delight with the fact that this year the Festival has included a work of art that ‘embraces’ cinema in its program. “It’s a new kind of art that more and more artists are starting to explore. Eve Sussman’s work doesn’t absorb the audience, but rather, the audience absorbs the work”, he said.
Katerina Koskina, the curator for the Eve Sussman & The Rufus Corporation exhibition which is to open today (CACT/Warehouse B1 at the Port of Thessaloniki), spoke about the artist’s work which for the past two years has focused on fusing painting and cinema. ”The rape of the Sabine women is a work that starts from a painting in the Louvre. In her other film 89 seconds in Alkazar, which was based on the painting Las Meñinas, Sussman takes her camera into a painterly world to give us another perspective”, she said. Mrs. Koskina also mentioned that Sussman’s latest works were made possible with the collaboration of the Rufus Corporation, a foundation lead by Sussman herself and whose members include painters, technicians, actors, musicians and others.
Finally, after thanking everyone, Eve Sussman expressed her delight for being back in Greece after a year and a half so she can share with the audience the world premiere of a work that took two and a half years to complete and was shot in 3 cities (Athens, New York and Berlin). The rape of the Sabine women will continue to be screened at the Pavlos Zannas theatre every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 15:00-17:00 from December 5th 2006 through January 7th 2007.


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