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Doc Market
The Festival Documentary Market

City Hotel
19-24 March, daily 10:00-20:00

Having entered its ninth year, the Doc Market of the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival – Images of the 21st Century can pride itself on the course it has pursued so far. An inseparable and invaluable part of the Festival, it may have started as a Balkan Market, but it has now become established as a locus where filmmakers from all over the world meet with representatives of TV channels, with a view to promote and sell their films. With each passing year attendance has increased, proving that Thessaloniki has secured its place as a crossroad for worldwide cultural and commercial transactions.

The Market’s primary goal is to sell the rights of documentaries for airing by TV channels, but that doesn’t mean that distribution to film theatres or screenings at other Festivals are not an option. But since documentary film distribution is, generally speaking, limited, and because another chief purpose of the Festival’s is to communicate with its audience, the Market functions mainly as a bridge, connecting the cinematic product which is the documentary to the powerful medium of television. 

Proof of the Market’s success is the fact that there are more films and more buyers participating this year than ever before. There are over 430 documentaries making up the Market’s offerings, while interested buyers number around 50.