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There are 3 box offices. One at the OLYMPION cinemas, one in Warehouse 1 and one in IEK AKMH. Each box office issues tickets only for its own venue. The box offices operate from 10:00 in the morning until 10 minutes before the start of the day’s last screening. The ticket price is 4€. Members, guests, and those with invitations have free admission. Students as well as those with Cultural Cards are also admitted free, up to and including the 16:00 o’clock screening at all cinemas.

The first box office of the OLYMPION is in operation. It is possible to buy tickets for all dates and screenings.
Those with membership cards and journalists can obtain zero value tickets for same day and next day screenings. The rest of the card holders and those with invitations can only obtain tickets for same day screenings.
The issue of your zero value ticket guarantees you a seat up to 5' before the start of the screening and is absolutely necessary, particularly for the PAVLOS ZANNAS cinema which has a small number of seats.

Warehouse 1 Cinemas
Tickets are issued for the next screening only.

Tickets are issued for the next screening only.

These cards aim to create a fanbase for the OLYMPION - Galaxia Vacation Club and Thessaloniki Film Festival.


CINEKAPTAF comes at a price of 40€ (full price) and 30€ (student price), granting its owners the following privileges:

  • FREE ENTRANCE for all screenings of 9th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival (16-25 March 2007). Not valid for opening and closing ceremonies.
  • 25% DISCOUNT on OLYMPION - Galaxia Vacation Club for first screening films and tributes.
  • 25% DISCOUNT at the cafe-wine bar "Room With A View", except the period of the Festival.
  • 25% DISCOUNT on Festival publications and 50% on the 47th Festival Catalogue.
  • WEEKLY E-MAIL UPDATE with the latest Festival news.
  • SUBSCRIPTION to the Festival Magazine (Proto Plano).
  • CITY GUIDE for the owners of CineKartaF that do not live in Thessaloniki.

lick here to fill in the application form. You can purchase the member cards from the Thessaloniki Film Festival Offices (10, Aristotelous sq., 6th floor) daily from 10:00 to 17:00 (working days only).