The creation and operation of the Thessaloniki International Doc Market was an initiative of the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival - Images of the 21st Century and was an innovation in the field of Greek film festivals. The main purpose of the Market, annually co-organized with ERT A.E., is to bolster the commercial potential of contemporary documentaries presenting a rich, representative and eclectic sample of the year's international documentary production and giving the opportunity to Greek and foreign directors to promote their work by coming in contact with the right people. The Market took its first steps as a Balkan market, however its quality didn't take long to attract buyers from all of Europe and to transform it into a European market within its first five years of operation. In the last few years the Market has become international, with major television networks, distributors, even representatives of other Festivals from all over the world participating. The constantly increasing attendance of the buyers and their great interest in its programme, has already established its place among international markets. At the same time as its success, the Market has accomplished yet another of its particular ambitions, the promotion and support of Greek documentaries, as it now annually presents almost the sum total of Greek production, independent and non independent, and gives a unique opportunity to Greek documentary makers to not only come in contact with their foreign colleagues and to learn about all the new trends in contemporary documentary film making, but even more importantly to present their work to industry professionals and so be able to promote it internationally and find practical help that will permit them to continue with their vision.

The Market continues to broaden the scope of its activities, aiming to remain a steady and reliable force in the international field.

Market facts and figures:

1st - 173 films, 13 buyers, 9 countries, 306 viewings
2nd - 179 films, 14 buyers, 8 countries, 442 viewings
3rd - 263 films, 14 buyers, 10 countries, 630 viewings
4th - 259 films, 25 buyers, 18 countries, 820 viewings
5th - 321 films, 38 buyers, 18 countries, 1148 viewings
6th - 411 films, 37 buyers, 18 countries, 1159 viewings
7th - 389 films, 38 buyers, 19 countries, 1171 viewings
8th - 438 films, 41 buyers, 20 countries, 1184 viewings.


For any inquiries or submissions please contact:
Thessaloniki International Doc Market
Alexandras 9, 114-73
Athens, Greece
tel: 0030 210 8706007
fax: 0030 210 6448143

Elpida Kallinteri
Head of the Doc Market

Laurien ten Houten
Doc Market Coordinator

Myrto Rigopoulou