Side Bar Events

The Thessaloniki Documentary Festival - Images of the 21st Century, aside from the main program, is enriched with parallel events which, on the one hand, contribute to the development of a productive dialogue between film professionals and the public on the art of cinema and its infinite variations, and on the other hand explore the common ground shared by the 7th art and related artistic expressions such as other visual arts and music.


A special place is reserved during the Festival for the Pitching Forum, organized by the European Documentary Network (EDN) in collaboration with the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival - Images of the 21st Century. A well-established annual "international date" in Thessaloniki, the Pitching Forum gives Greek audiovisual professionals the opportunity to present and promote their work to Greek and foreign television networks. The participants are informed about the state of the Western European documentary market and are trained by sector professionals on the development and proper promotion of their projects on the international market, according to each film's potential.

It is a 5-day program featuring 21 selected documentary proposals, which are developed, re-written and presented again. The workshop takes place during the first 3 days, during which the participants work in small groups under the guidance of experienced tutors of international reputation. The Pitching Forum takes place during the last 2 days, during which Greek producers and their colleagues have the opportunity to present their proposals to representatives from international and Greek television networks for the purpose of making sales.

Given the experience of previous years, this outstanding event is particularly important for the development of collaborations in the audiovisual field.


A significant part of the parallel events are the Master Classes, the seminars and open discussions, which feature important representatives of the art of cinema who share their knowledge and valuable experience with the public. Award winning, renowned cinema personalities express their views, give both cinema and life lessons, and exchange opinions and ideas with the festival audience and film professionals.


"Just Talking" is a parallel event of the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival - Images of the 21st Century which aims to encourage meeting, networking and conversation between directors and other film professionals (journalists, buyers, etc.) The program provides a communications platform to Greek and foreign directors in order to broaden creative borders.


The visual arts events of the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival - Images of the 21st Century highlights the cinematic basis of the Festival through exhibitions which uncover different dimensions of the art of cinema.


Fueled by cinema, the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival - Images of the 21st Century hosts concerts and musical happenings inviting the audience on musical journeys through the music of yesterday and today, and introducing them to new sounds rooted in the 7th art.