he prizes awarded each year by the seven-member international jury include the Golden Alexander for Best Film (accompanied by a 37.000 Euro cash prize), the Special Jury Award-Silver Alexander (accompanied by 22.000 Euro cash prize), as well as awards for Best Direction, Best Screenplay, Best Actor, Best Actress and Artistic Achievement.

To date, the Golden Alexander has been awarded to the following films:

  1. Orlando by Sally Potter (UK) and Night Dance by Aleko Tsabadze's (Georgia)
  2. From the Snow by Sotiris Goritsas' (Greece)
  3. The Days by Wang Xiaoshuai's (Hong Kong/China)
  4. The Postman by He Jianjun's (China)
  5. Brothers in Trouble by Udayan Prasad's (UK)
  6. Road to Nhill by Sue Brook's (Australia)
  7. Fishes in August by Yoichiro Takahashi's (Japan)
  8. Shower by Zhang Yang's's (China)
  9. Last Resort by Pavel Pawlikowski's (UK)
  10. Tirana Year Zero by Fatmir Koci (Albania-France-Belgium)
  11. Woman of Water by Hodenori Sugimori (Japan) and
    Blissfully Yours by Apichatpong Weerasethakul (Thailand)
  12. The Last Train (Russia)
  13. Bitter Dream (Iran)

A FIPRESCI jury also designates the best film in Thessaloniki each year. The winners of the FIPRESCI award have been:

Sally Potter's Orlando (UK, 1992), Ping Ho's 18 (Taiwan, 1993), We Nien-jen's Do-san (Taiwan, 1994), Makoto Shinozaki's Okaeri (Japan, 1995) Jacques Deschamps' Mefie-toi de l'eau qui dort (France, 1998) Marco Bechis' Garaje Olimpo (Argentina) and Fred Kelemen's Abendland (Germany) in 1999, Pavel Pawlikowski's Last Resort (UK) and Baltasar Kormakur's 101 Reykjavik (Iceland) in 2000, Cristi Puiu's Marfa si banii (Romania), Moshen Makhmalbaf's Kandahar (Iran-France) in 2001 and to VYLET, (Some Secrets) by Alice Nellis, Czech Republic /Slovak Republic and DYSKOLI APOHERETISMI: O BABAS MOU, (Hard Goodbyes: my father) by Penny Panagiotopoulou in 2002.