15th Thessaloniki International DocMarket Registration Form
17-23 March 2013

Please avoid using capital letters only!

Country of production

English title
Dicrector's name
Year of production
Production Company
Production company contact person
World Sales Company:
Worls Sales contact person
Total number of programs presented at DocMarket
Participation Fee:
Up to six films: €70, sit to twelve films: €120, over twelve films: €160

For each entry 2 DVDs must be submitted (embedded/hardcoded English subtitles) Please send the material in DVD-R, with watermark instead of timecode on the image (if possible), PAL or Region 0/2

Please note: all DVDs will be stored in our secured close circuit server. For encoding purposes, please make sure that the subtitles of the DVD are embedded/hardcoded in the image file and not separately.