CineMythology: Greek Myths in World Cinema

This catalogue has been published on the occasion of the retrospective event under the same title organised by the TIFF as part of the events held in Greece and abroad within the frame of the Cultural Olympiade 2001-2004. After its presentation in Athens Thessaloniki and the Olympic cities (Volos, Patras Herakleion) in autumn 2003, part of this event was presented in three European cities in early 2004: Berlin, Madrid and London. 45 films from the international production were screened, as well as 12 recorded theatre performances of Greek drama, 11 dance films and a dance performance based on Greek Myths, and a photography exhibition.

The Greek edition includes cinema theory articles on the presence of Greek Myths in cinema, catalogue of all the presented films with critical articles and photographic material, theory texts on the relationship of cinema with the important drama performances of the 20th century and on the relationship between myth, dance and film.

Separate editions with part of its contents have been published in English, German and Spanish.

Publishing house: Thessaloniki International Film Festival

Michel Demopoulos assisted by Babis Aktsoglou, Plato Mavromoustacos and Christiana Galanopoulou

340 (Greek), 156 (English), 80 (German and Spanish)

28 euro (Greek), 20 euro (English), 5 euro (German and Spanish)

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