Four-year-old VideoDance grows up rapidly: hardly knowing if a cycle has been completed, here it is, beginning a new one.

Enthusiastic by nature, it will never grow out of its little doubt and huge curiosity.

The previous cycle focused on first meetings, familiarization, and acknowledging the cultural importance of borrowing.

The new cycle focuses on encounters, synergies. What was started three years ago with project exchange - a vehicle bringing together young artists from different disciplines - is now expanded with fold, a meeting place for people from different disciplines (and different countries) who meet for a moment in transit in order to create a work live, just for a moment, just for this audience, often finding common ground with films, which are destined to be repeated in travelling - just like Maya Deren' s films. Bringing up to the surface what' s happening, inviting cooperation between active urban communities, and providing a place and a structure in which to meet and create jointly. Just like Kine and Lo-Fi do, for instance. This process is our contribution to the city and the emerging urban culture. The live in transit VideoDance worksite in all its choices manifests its attitude towards current aesthetic concepts. In transit, for nothing is definite

Just like its subject matter - video dance, a vehicle for bringing together performing arts, visual arts and audiovisual media - the festival itself unfolds its new identity - that of a meeting place for creativity, a platform of diverse encounters, cross-breeding and meetings from ever more disciplines. This year we will try to realise the potential of the two-fold meaning of the word "festival" - "an exhibition" and in the same time "a festive celebration".

Now that the boundaries between the arts have long faded, VideoDance opens its gates to guests from all disciplines, inviting them to cast a glance into this new, yet without a name, art of synergies, focusing on audiovisual media and movement.

My warmest thanks to all the friends, associates, supporters, and passers-by of VideoDance2003.

Christiana Galanopoulou