A sustainable and greener experience

The Evia Film Project aims to help the region strengthen its local economy in a sustainable manner, respecting both the local ecosystem and the need for growth. Beyond our growing concern about environment preservation and climate change, as citizens of a shared planet, we are profoundly aware of the interconnected manner in which all aspects of people’s livelihoods do affect nature.

Today more than ever, we have all become increasingly aware of how important it is for each and every one of us to do something to protect the environment and our fellow human beings, and reduce our impact on them.

The Evia Film Project acknowledges its impact and pledges to be as green and sustainable as possible, through adopting a thoughtful approach as to how we go about our lives, and we hope this will inspire and inform everyone to do the same. The demand is urgent and reflects a long-term responsibility the Thessaloniki International Film Festival commits to serving both in the Evia Film Project, and in its future functions. As a festival, we have always aimed to host stories that address urgent social issues of global impact, giving our audiences the space to reflect on how they lead their own lives. In our latest project, along with the local municipalities hosting the events and our vendors, we invite you as our fellow participants and active citizens to join us in our effort to pursue more sustainable ways of experiencing the festival.

Small steps make a big difference. Here are some easy ones you can follow:


In collaboration with the Polygreen company, there will be a daily collection, sorting, and cyclical management of the waste generated from all the event spots in Edipsos, Agia Anna, and Limni. Specifically, in the locations where the events will take place, there will be separate recycling bins for the streams of paper, plastic, aluminum, tobacco waste (filters), and organic waste. At the end of each event, the collected materials will be transferred to special storage bins, where they will be weighed and recorded in the special Just Go Zero App.

The collected materials will be transferred to the Polygreen waste management units, for their proper management, in order to gain a second life. Thus, organic waste will be converted into a soil conditioner for crops, paper, plastic, and aluminum will be promoted for recycling, cigarette butts will become an alternative fuel or insulating material.

With the completion of the Festival we will know not only the quantities of materials collected during it but also how to manage them per stream.

Polygreen is a leader in circular economy specializing in reliable and cost-effective waste management and marine pollution management services.

Together we take an important step towards a more sustainable world, where nothing will be superfluous and everything will be utilized.

The Evia Film Project is part of the "Light Donors" of the "Reconstruction Program of North Evia - Evia Meta". They are projects and events implemented in collaboration with Ministries and Institutions, highlighting all aspects of the holistic program in North Evia and illuminating the future of the region.