YASMIN AHMAD 1958 - 2009

YASMIN AHMAD 1958 - 2009

Τhe Thessaloniki International Film Festival deeply regrets the passing of renowned Malaysian director Yasmin Ahmad.

The TIFF had the honor to haveYasmin Ahmad as a guest, when she attended the 48th Thessaloniki International Film Festival for a Tribute to her work and served as member of the International Jury, alongside Jiri Menzel, Fred Roos, Lucrecia Martel, Michael Fitzgerald, Nae Caranfil and Olga Broumas.

Ahmad started making features after a successful career in advertising that spanned a period of 25 years. This enabled her to venture into features and she made her first film, Rabun, in 2003. She was the director, producer, scriptwriter and actress of her films, such as Sepet (2004), Gubra (2005), Mukshin (2006) and her latest, Talentime (2009), works distinguished by their optimism, warmth and love for her characters and country. Her films were screened in festivals all over the world (Rotterdam, Tokyo, Turin), thus offering a glimpse into (until then largely unknown) contemporary Malaysian cinema.

Ahmad, who grew up in a multiethnic family, challenged ethnic stereotypes and taboo subjects through her films, was openly against any type of fundamentalism and racism and made it her life’s work to support minority rights, as well as to help out young directors by showcasing their works to the world.