Pelle Svanslös

A modern rendition of a timeless Swedish animated classic, featuring the titular beloved cat that has lost its tail. One seemingly fine day, an abrupt storm drives Pelle away from the serene safety of the countryside into the heart of the unpredict able and dangerous city. In the course of this musical adventure, Pelle will discover not only the treasures of friendship but the hardships of everyday life as well.

Swedish with Greek subtitles 

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Direction: Christian Ryltenius
Script: Johan Bogaeus
Music: Magnus Strömberg, Tormod Tvete Vik, Andreas Lindgren, Mathias Lindgren, Joakim Jennefors
Actors: Adam Pålsson, Christopher Wagelin, Li Schmalenbach, Olof Wretling, Sven Björklund, Lena - Pia Bernhardsson
Producer/Producers: Jon Nohrstedt, Gila Bergqvist Ulfung
Color: Color
Production Country: Sweden
Production Year: 2020
Duration: 67'
Contact: ReInvent Helene Aurø

Age 8+