Are Song Lyrics Proper Poems?

Creator: Yorgia Karydi, Script writer-Sound engineer-Sound editor: Yorgia Karydi, Music: Yorgia Karydi, a sample of Paulinho Nogueira’s guitar is heard, Language: English, Production country: Greece, Duration: 26’

Are song lyrics proper poems? How easily can a pop or folk song mark a person’s life? Perhaps we cannot understand every lyric, perhaps the song is in another language and we only get a word or two. However, just by hearing it once, we fill in with the dots of meaning, through our mind and psyche. In this podcast we focus on the way hearing and listening work, while unfolding a casual story taken out of life, both online and offline.

Interesting Times

Creator: Michail Tegos, Production: Michail Tegos, Script writer-Sound engineer-Sound editor-Narration: Michail Tegos, Language: Greek, Production country: Greece, Duration: 38’

Michail Tegos converses with people from the fields of technology, art, and entrepreneurship about how they are adapting their work and day-to-day life to the “new normality” of COVID-19. As the supposedly Chinese saying goes, which can be seen both as a blessing and a curse: “May you live in interesting times.”

Lefteris Asks Science

Creator: Lefteris Statharas, Production: Lefteris Statharas, Script writer-Sound engineer-Sound editor: Lefteris Statharas, Music: Dimitris Statharas, Narration: Lefteris Statharas, Evangelia Mpalatsou, Language: English, Production country: Singapore, Duration: 22’

How does our brain choose the words we utter? Why did it choose these words and not others that are similar? How do scientists monitor brain activity? And lastly, how can we use this information for practical purposes? Dr. Lefteris Statharas asks the above questions to Dr. Evangelia Balatsou.

Roza Lazarou

Creator: Maria Mylona, Script writer-Sound engineer-Sound editor-Narration: Maria Mylona, Songs: “Tis Nyxtes pou Kykloforo” (The Nights I Wonder - artist: Christos Thivaios), “Tous Provoleis Stise” (Set Up the Spotlights - artist: Thanos Mikroutsikos), Language: Greek, Production country: Greece, Duration: 21’

Something hidden in a woman's pocket eavesdrops on her “last” thoughts. The woman talks about our identity and how it changes depending on time, place and circumstances. Tired of the weight of her own identity, the social stereotypes and norms that have suffocated her, she is asking for help in the best way she can.

Stendhal Syndrome / Woody Allen

Creators: Christina Voumvouraki, Nikos Matenidis, Language: Greek, Production country: Greece, Duration: 20’

“Stendhal Syndrome or the crash in front of beauty” is a series of podcast episodes focused on artworks that trigger emotion, admiration, and amazement. This episode is dedicated to Sweet and Lowdown, a film written and directed by Woody Allen.

“The Big Happiness”: A Press Conference

Creator: Dimos Vryzas, Production: AdHocArts, Script writer-Music-Sound engineer-Sound editor: Dimos Vryzas, Narration: Stefania Zora, Dimos Vryzas (translator), Giorgos Spyrou, Leonidas Poulimenos, Mania Papageorgiou, Kleri Kotsifaki, Nikos Athanasiou, Nikos Vryzas, Maria Giannaki, Fani Boukouvala, Dimitra Galani, Katerina Charalabidou, Nikitas Zachariou, Vasilis Golemis, Stefanos Doumpiotis, Christos Pozidis, Marieta Zaimi, Marilena Katranidou, Tippi Tillvind, Panagiotis Efthimiadis, Panos Panagopoulos, Manolis Diamantakis, Roussos Kassiotakis, Vasilis Koutsougiannis, Spiros Poulimenos, Angelos Nerantzis, Katerina Alafouzou, Ilektra Tzortsou, Languages: Greek, English, Production country: Greece, Duration: 33’

The upcoming and internationally acclaimed director Simon Logothetis presents at the International Film Festival of Thessaloniki her latest film, “The Big Happiness”. A fictional/surreal press conference, written by Dimos Vryzas, that answers questions pertaining to the world of art, with clarity and determination.

The Little Mermaid in the 21st Century

Creator: Evdoxia Karakatsi, Production: Evdoxia Karakatsi, Script writer-Narration: Evdoxia Karakatsi, Language: Greek, Production country: Greece, Duration: 23’

The Little Mermaid lives in the ocean, now loaded with plastic. In order to make the prince fall in love with her and obtain human form forever, she must convince him to respect the environment and the sea. Is she going to make it?

The One Fierce Heart

Creator: Dena Argyropoulou, Production: Dena Argyropoulou, Script writer: Dena Argyropoulou, Music: Written by Aaron Sprinkle, performed and produced by Tiger Gang, Sound engineer-Sound editor: Dimitris Misirlis (Matrix Recording Studio), Narration: Dena Argyropoulou, TimHwang, Language: English, Production country: Greece, Duration: 29’

Dena Argyropoulou (host) and Tim Hwang (guest), both meditation teachers, answer the most common questions and myths that surround mindfulness meditation and try to demystify the practice, based on their combined knowledge and years of experience.

Walk With Me

Creator: Tatiana Myrkou, Production: Tatiana Myrkou, Beton7art Radio, Script writer-Sound editor-Narration: Tatiana Myrkou, Sound engineer: Tatiana Myrkou, Lucas Dimitrellos, Language: English, Production country: Greece, Duration: 40’

Walk with me, we were not meant to stay in one place… Carefully collected sounds and words to keep you going. The soundscape of our walks. Over the last ten years I have worked and walked around the world. Each episode is a city around the world, strange enough to become a friend.

Zakino and Diziocho años tengo

Creator: Kostis Papazoglou, Production: Music atelier Concerto Conservatorio, Script writer: Kostis Papazoglou, Music: Kostis Papazoglou, partisan song by unknown artist, Sound engineers-Sound editors: Kostis Papazoglou, Leonidas Mpeilis, Language: Greek, Production country: Greece, Duration: 33’

On March 25th 1943, Jackino (or Zakino) took off from Nikea, his hometown, to attend Saturday prayer (or Shabbat) at the Synagogue of Larissa. A random event changed his life permanently. These are the things he remembers while playing his carefree song of youth on his harmonica. A song about the early loves of a young man who was destined to be the most important friend of his heart.