Bright Side

Creators, Scriptwriters: Ira Katsouda, Dimitra Nikitea. Production: Provocateur / Radcast. Music: Ermis Geragidis. Sound Engineer, Sound Editor: Dionisis Antipas. Language: Greek. Production Country: Greece, 2021. Duration: 43΄

Chronic diseases are – unfortunately – still a taboo subject in today’s society. Ira Katsouda and Dimitra Nikitea are stand-up comedians. Both having people in their families facing chronic health problems and knowing first-hand the racism and the inadequacy of the Greek society towards the chronic patients, they decided to create “Bright Side,” a podcast with guests suffering from chronic diseases. In a comfortable atmosphere, with humor, but free of fatalism or pessimism, they openly speak about their diseases, highlight their difficulties, joke with themselves, poke fun at the Greek reality and break down the taboos they are up against. This episode is dedicated to Multiple Sclerosis (Multiple Sclerosis).


diaspora (la)

Creator: Womxn_gr. Production, Scriptwriters, Sound Engineers, Sound Editors, Narration: Womxn_gr (Alexandra Petavridou, Evelina Gkatenio). Music: “WOMXN” (March 2021), by Valentin Vital, aka Edna Million. Artwork: nikoleti_. Language: Greek. Production Country: France. Duration: 57΄

The female experience of the diaspora. How do Greek and foreign women experience diaspora? Why do we leave from Greece? What are we faced against as we arrive in a new country? What do we miss from Greece and how do we view our country of origin now that we are away? An overview of women’s experiences, through four interviews with Greek women in diaspora, a questionnaire and a number of articles.


Creator: En dynamei ensemble. Production: Eleni Dimopoulou / En dynamei ensemble. Direction: Thomas Vasileiadis, Noemi Vasileiadou, Panagiotis Matziris. Scriptwriter: Noemi Vasileiadou, En dynamei ensemble. Music: Odysseas Galios, Theocharis Bairaktaridis. Sound Engineer, Sound Editor: Tanya Jones. Narration: Thomas Vasileiadis, Noemi Vasileiadou, Maria Dachlythra, Margarita Kainada, Nikos Kiparissis, Sofia Kyrina, Sofia Konstantinidou, Loxandra Loucas, Panos Matziris, Charis Mpairaktaridis, Giorgos Zisis Bilionis, Thanos Nanasis, Michalis Ntolopoulos, Theano Papavasileiou, Konstantina Papakonstantinou, Giorgos Poulos, Charis Serdari, Danai Tsorlini, Maria-Tarsi Chela. Language: Greek. Production Country: Greece, 2021. Duration: 36΄

A group of people trapped in an audio file. A podcast transformed into a prison. People-voices, which maintain constant engagement with the listener to confess their worries, fears and dreams, emphasizing their underlying need: to regain a physical form, whatever this means.


Creators, Narration: Danai Dimopoulou, Elpiniki Papadopoulou. Producers: Enallax (Danai Dimopoulou, Elpiniki Papadopoulou). Songwriting: Achilleas Beris (Sound Editor, Sound Engineer: Kostas Katsantonis). Vocals: Danai Dimopoulou, Anestis Ketetzian, Eleana Kollia, Achilleas Beris, Elpiniki Papadopoulou, Eleni Polidouli. Beatbox: Anestis Ketetzian. Sound Engineer: Christos Triantis. Language: Greek. Production Country: Greece, 2021. Duration: 25΄

In a world dominated by pairs of opposing forces and stereotypical narratives, this podcast deconstructs a series of famous personalities by presenting the unknown aspects of their lives and breaking down the stereotypical narratives that accompany them. Besides, as we like to say: everything in life goes one way or another (enallax, as the phrase goes in Greek)!

Es Trophoniou memanteutai

Creator: Anna Stereopoulou. Production, Scriptwriter, Music, Sound Engineer, Sound Editor: Anna Stereopoulou. Language: Greek. Production Country: Greece, 2021. Duration: 23΄

The podcast is a bilingual dream Narrative, based on the “Encoimesis” practices taking place at the ancient Asclepeions. It consists of the Soundwalk's Field Recording [from the Hercyna Springs (Krya) to the Oracle of Trophonius and from there to the Livadia city center], and it aims to offer a psycho-acoustic experience, similar to the one of each “sleeper”-patient.


Female Pressure

Creator: Lenka Kočišová (Akkamiau). Production, Scriptwriter, Sound Engineer, Sound Editor: Lenka Kočišová (Akkamiau). Music Electric Indigo, “Ferrum 7” / Donna Maya, “Michigan Central Station” / AGF, “Aergia” / death of codes, “violet night” / Caro C, “Dreamers for Elisa” / İpek İpekçioğlu feat. Petra Nachtmanova, “UYAN UYAN” / Jacki-E, “Break It Down V1” / MikiYui, “Dancing (swamp)” / Catenation, “[sink] excerpt” / MEDIATRIX, “The Accomplice” / Ratel C, “Un fil d’amour” / Mila Chiral, “Power of Despair” / Slow Dimension, “Echoes in my Head” / Monibi, “Corona Ate my Dollaz” / Badmoiselle, “The Drops The Drops” / Petals in Sound, “Buoyancy” / HYENAZ, “Perimeter” / Ikigai (Pooja B) & Lost Algorithm, “Uninterrupted” / Small Souki, “Poison (II)” / Noemi Burel, “Tribal Dance” / Zustand D., “Tanz mit mir den Perchtentanz (im Regen)”. Sound EEngineer, Sound Editor: Lenka Kočišová (Akkamiau). Συνεργάτες: Electric Indigo, Donna Maya, Gudrun Gut, AGF, death of codes, Caro C, İpek İpekçioğlu, nima D, Jacki-E, MikiYui, DJ Kohlrabi (Aiko Okamoto), Slothmotion (Lena Sima Löffeler), Catenation (Sylvia Hinz & Jeanne Artemis Strieder), Inga Humpe, MEDIATRIX, Ratel C, Mila Chiral, Slow Dimension, Lenia, Monibi, Badmoiselle, ona v, Petals In Sound, HYENAZ (Adrienne Teicher), HYENAZ (Mad Kate), Zustand D., Ikigai (Pooja B), Small Souki, Noemi Burel, Paulinhx, Susie Kahlich, Akkamiau. Language: English. Production Country: Germany. Duration: 60΄

We listen to the members of female:pressure, a transnational online database and network of women*, AFAB, transgender, transfeminine, transmasculine, intersex [+gender optional], genderqueer, gender nonconforming, a-gender and/or non-binary DJs, musicians, composers, producers, visual artists, agents, journalists, and researchers working in the realm of electronic music and the visual arts.


Female Troubles

Creator: Elpida Grilla. Production, Script Writer, Sound Engineer, Sound Editor, Narration: Elpida Grilla. Language: Greek. Production Country: Greece, 2021. Duration: 24΄

Greek soft porn, crime, comedy podcast with the aroma of the old pulp novels from the 80s. Women are always the protagonists in stories that unfold in real or imaginary worlds and touch upon love at gunpoint. For the lovers of old-school sex and high-heel attacks.

Flight 2311

Creator: Dimos Vryzas. Production, Scriptwriter, music, Sound Engineer, Sound Editor: Dimos Vryzas. Narration: (pilot) Dimos Vryzas (flight attendants): Katerina Liatsou, Marilena Katranidou. Language: Greek. Production Country: Greece, 2021. Duration: 27΄

Α fictional sonic journey. Through a surrealistic approach based on a realistic flight sound environment, the podcast, drawing inspiration from Covid-19 pandemic conditions, introduces the listener in a journey by plane, following the Athens-Thessaloniki route.

Τhe Fucking Armor

Creator: Manos Papadakis. Scriptwriter, Narration: Manos Papadakis. Production: Manos Papadakis (SPiRTO PRODUCTIONS). Music: Nikos Pandis. Language: Greek. Production Country: Greece, 2021. Duration: 25΄

Manos Papadakis shares his thoughts and concerns about men-women relationships and how patriarchy erodes our personality. He touches upon different subjects, starting from the troubling patterns that surround him, the confusing mixed signals about his role as a young man, and the environment that only accepted “macho” behaviors, reaching the adult age and the unintentionally abusive behavior towards women.


The Green Trees and the White Room

Creator: Giulia Osinski. Production, Scriptwriter, Sound Engineer, Sound Editor, Narration: Giulia Osinski. Language: English. Production Country: Sweden. Duration: 20΄

This podcast is inspired by the notes the creator kept during the yearlong depression she suffered at the age of 19. The recent confinement reminded her of the confinement caused by her depression. These are the notes she kept during a transition period, from adolescence to adulthood. Bringing back the monotonous and repetitive thoughts, the music that she listened to and the song of the birds that she would hear from her window, as a call for life, she takes a fictional interview from her 19-year-old self.


hotel terminus

Creators: Marilou Vomvolou, Kostas Vomvolos. Production, Scriptwriter, Narration: Marilou Vomvolou. Music, Sound Engineer, Sound Editor: Kostas Vomvolos. Artwork: Flora Fousteri. Language: Greek. Production Country: Greece, 2021. Duration: 24΄

What do we know about the ones around us – people we’re intimate with, the plain acquaintances, or total strangers? What do we know about their coming-of-age, their experiences, the myths that accompanied them? A podcast that gathers all the petty, random memories that constitute an identity; or maybe not. Maybe it just reveals the personal and collective fluidity we tend to call “our story.”

Maid in Hell

Creators: Line Fabricius, Anna Steen Hansen. Production: The Why Foundation. Narration: Kenneth Wright. Language: English. Production Country: Denmark, 2021. Duration: 22΄

A podcast that gives unprecedented access to a frightening and brutal form of modern slavery. Following employment agents who vividly describe the trade, as well as maids who struggle to find a way home after harrowing, and sometimes, deadly experiences, we come to understand the grotesque reality faced by thousands of women each day.

Meet the Makers

Creator: Daphne Karnezis, Haris Pagonidou Scriptwriter, Narration: Daphne Karnezis. Production: The Greek Podcast Project – Daphne Karnezis. Sound Engineer, Sound Editor: Nikos Sklavenitis. Language: Greek. Production Country: Greece, 2021. Duration: 20'

A narrative podcast series shedding light onto the unique mastery of artisans across Greece. We visit their workshops to uncover how their traditional making methods are still relevant today. Episode 1: three generations of the Venizelou family share their story running the straw furniture workshop their family has operated since 1850.


Mother of Boys

Creator, Scriptwriter: Aphrodite Mitsopoulou Music: Kukuraxa (Kostas Mitsopoulos, Katerina Sereti). Narration: Aphrodite Mitsopoulou, Christos Christopoulos. Singing: Eleni Vasileiou, Lucile Johnes, Nikos Dentakis, Elsa Loumbardia, Fotini Mitsopoulou, George Panagopoulos, Vasiliki Pappa, Manolis Chatzakis, and the young boy Michail Panagopoulos. Language: Greek. Production Country: Greece, 2021. Duration: 42΄

A young mother is surprised to find out that society does not care about her, as she is called to meet the needs of a laborious and intensive task all alone, while her partner is at work. Among the tragicomic situations she experiences, obstetric violence is just another painful reminder of her position.

My Grandmother, Maro

Creator: Eftychia Iosifidou. Production, Scriptwriter, Sound Editor, Narration: Eftychia Iosifidou. Music: Thanassis Christodoulou (Lumiere). Language: Greek. Production Country: Greece, 2021. Duration: 27΄

A personal documentary podcast about loss and memory. The memory of Maro is reenacted by her granddaughter, 17 years after Maro’s death. What do we know about our beloved ones? How can we describe them without seeing them? What remains alive forever? The past and the present engage in a dialogue to create a Narration about family bonds and heritage, exploring the subject of memory in a very personal manner.


My Grandmother’s Sister

Creator: Eleni Kavouki. Production: Eleni Kavouki, Manolis Manousakis / Figure of Sound Audio Creatives. Music: Eftychia Kamenaki, Eleni Kavouki. Language: Greek. Production Country: Greece, 2021. Duration: 49΄

Larissa, January 27, 2018. Artemis Bita, aged 88, is a Greek Civil War survivor, talking to her sister's granddaughter about the biggest adventure of her life; the war that she joined against her will, the immigration to the Soviet Union, and finally, the return to her homeland.

Α Nameless Memory

Creator: Andreas Vagias. Scriptwriter, Sound Editor, Narration: Andreas Vagias. Production: Alexis Anastasiadis / ARTCUT. Consultant: Eugenia Tsangaraki. Image: Orestis Seferoglou. Artwork: Aris Panagopoulos. Language: Greek. Production Country: Greece, 2021. Duration: 24΄

Α morning coffee, an internal monologue that explores the borderline between loss and presence, oblivion and remembrance, joy and pain.


Overview Effect: Gnosi s’ afton (special episode)

Creator, producer: Christos Athanasoulis. Sound Editor: Christos Athanasoulis. Scriptwriter: Vanessa Farsadakis, Christos Athanasoulis, Sound Engineers, Narration: Christos Athanasoulis, Vanessa Farsadakis. Science Advisor: Vanessa Farsadakis. Language: Greek. Production Country: Greece, 2021. Duration: 21΄

We are taken on a journey with a woman, from the liftoff, through space and back to Earth. We share her own experiences and feel her own feelings. A documentary with elements of fiction, or a fiction with elements of a documentary. A special episode of the podcast series “Gnosi s’ afton.”


Portraits of Objects

Creators, Narration: Alexandros Tsitsos, Isavella Kasimati, Production: Panagiotis Fafoutis. Artwork: Welc. Language: Greek. Production Country: Greece. Duration: 43΄

In the midst of a global-pandemic, in a state of isolation and lack of human interaction, objects began to speak. From the Greek countryside to the depths of Siberia, on a planet that was once full of life, a Perfume, a Dictionary, a Komboloi and an Axe recount their memories.

Searching for a Way Out

Creator: Lia Katsana. Production, Scriptwriter, Sound Engineer, Sound Editor: Lia Katsana. Music: Lydia Karakatsani. Narration: Giannis Chatsios, Myrto Symeonidou, Lia Katsana. Scientific research: Petra Chrysogelou. Artwork: Smaro Sahpasidou. Language: Greek. Production Country: Greece, 2021. Duration: 34΄

The podcast attempts to explore the impact of the pandemic on the field of addiction. Through a discussion with two specialized psychologists, the creators search for answers regarding the increase in substance use and the effects of precautionary measures on dependent individuals and therapy institutions, while contemplating on the solution over the development of psycho-social support.

Shadows over London: Crossroads and Agreements

Creator: SOUNDIS.GR. Production: SOUNDIS.GR Script writer: Nikodimos Tsaglis. Music: Vassilis Koumentakos. Sound Engineer, Sound Editor: Christos Triantis. Narration: Dimitris Zografakis. Actors: Dimitris Zografakis, Panagiotis Gourzoulidis, Giorgos Psaltou, Christos Triantis, Panos Tsirozidis, Haris Hronopoulos. Language: Greek. Production Country: Greece, 2021. Duration: 22΄

In 1955 post-war London, Inspector Eustace Bolton, a World War II veteran, took over the supernatural affairs of Scotland Yard, with the help of his genius nephew, Wesley Thatch. Their logic and observation should prevail over fear and superstition. In this episode a famous musician asks the Inspector for help, to confess a “crime” he committed decades ago, and a deal he made with a mysterious figure who helped him boost his career.

Τhe Sheaves of June

Creator: Thomas Sideris. Scriptwriter: Thomas Sideris. Production: ERT SA, program “The Voice of Greece”. Sound Engineer: Kostas Kiriakakis. Nikos Psomiadis. Sound Editors: Kostas Kiriakakis, Thanasis Vouteris, Thomas Sideris. Narration: Agis Gyftopoulos. Language: Greek. Production Country: Greece, 2021. Duration: 59΄

Two villages with a common fate, 3,100 kilometers apart. Their population was slaughtered on the same day and time by the Nazis. The parallel stories of Distomo and Orantour that became the target of the SS on June 10, 1944, through the intertwined narratives of the survivors.


A Woman from Bulgaria

Creator: Christina Karavezyri. Scriptwriter, Composition: Christina Karavezyri. Narration: Christina Karavezyri. Voice: Nick Galanopoulos. Sound Engineer, Sound Editor: Clyde Jabra / Artracks Recording Studios. Accordion: Vassilios Karavezyris in Waltz No 2 – Shostakovich. Other contributors: George Priniotakis / Artracks Recording Studios, Irene Moundraki, Kostis Kapelonis. Language: Greek. Production Country: Greece, 2021. Duration: 23΄

“Ι paint faces on a grey piece of paper / and I talk to them / The animals come out slaughtered / and tenderly wrapped in the paper // … the nurse folds her knitting away / ‘I need to send the money to Bulgaria… / Tomorrow is my daughter’s birthday…’ // A monologue / A dialogue among fears, dreams… / among the loved ones…”