Citizens of Old Thessaloniki

Creator: Christos Kaltsas. Production, Sound Engineer, Sound Editor, Narration: Christos Kaltsas. Scriptwriter: Christos Kaltsas (and excerpts from the book The Inhabitants of Old Thessaloniki by Costas Tomanas). Language: Greek. Production Country: Greece. Duration: 20΄

Thessaloniki has its own rich history. In this podcast, you will hear some very interesting stories narrated by people from the old-days Thessaloniki, which is based on the book The Citizens of Old Thessaloniki, by Costas Tomanas (Nisides publications).



Collective Body and Carnivalesque Songs

Creator: Christos Pozidis. Production: Christos Pozidis. Sound Engineer: Dimos Vryzas. Songs: Irini Kyriakou. Logo: Christos K. Language: Greek. Production Country: Greece. Duration: 26΄

The traditional songs of Greek Carnival are famous for their funny and sexual lyrics. At the same time though, their “core” is a different, underground sacredness. They carry – just like all the carnival forms and motives – a folk, joyful philosophy about the great people’s collective body.


The Director’s Cut

Creators: Lazaros Kolaxis, Giorgos Togias. Production, Scriptwriters, Sound Engineers, Sound Editors, Narration: Lazaros Kolaxis, Giorgos Togias. Language: Greek. Production Country: Greece. Duration: 39΄

Lazaros Kolaxis and Giorgos Togias discuss films based on a theme that changes every four weeks. In this episode, the new theme of “Particularly Strange Documentaries” is inaugurated, with the documentary series “How To with John Wilson” that was shown on the American network of HBO.


Everybody’s Talking about Performance Art

Creators: Thanasis Chondros, Alexandra Katsiani. Production: Oikoi. Scriptwriters, Narration: Thanasis Chondros, Alexandra Katsiani. Music: oikoi2310. Sound Engineer: Thanasis Chondros. Sound Editor: Danai Chondrou. Language: Greek. Production Country: Greece. Duration: 28΄ 

Thanasis Chondros and Alexandra Katsiani, who have been involved in performance art for years, comment on the developments of the genre and express their views.


Fake News & The Coronavirus Pandemic

Creator: Chrysovalantis-Margaritis Annaoglou-Koutsos. Production, Scriptwriter, Sound Engineer, Sound Editor, Narration: Chrysovalantis-Margaritis Annaoglou-Koutsos. Language: Greek. Production Country: Greece. Duration: 21΄

The phenomenon of fake news has been growing for years since the development of social media. What can we do as citizens and users of social media platforms? Are there any ways to tackle disinformation? All these and much more can be found on this new podcast, in the company of guests Ariadni Charpantidou and Katerina Toskou.

Family Parodies

Creator: Ant1 Screenwriting Academy. Production: Ant1 Screenwriting Academy. Scriptwriter: Georgios Katsoulas. Narration: Dimitris Zografakis. Sound Engineer, Sound Editor: Christos Triantis. Actors: Georgios Katsoulas, Antigoni Kazantzaki, Dimitris Zografakis, Panagiotis Gourzoulidis, Panos Tsirozidis, Semi Theodorou. Language: Greek. Production Country: Greece. Duration: 20΄

Makis’s wife, Lola, on the eve of their wedding, leaves him for a hump. Makis asks the help of his mother and his friend, and puts on a hump so he will win her back. But the plan does not go as it was supposed to and things got worse…

The “Fight” after Each Game: Hosted by Christina Vrachali: Makis Papasimakopoulos

Creator: Christina Vrachali. Production: SOUNDIS.GR. Music: Vasilis Koumentakos. Sound Engineer, Sound Editor: Christos Triantis. Narration: Christina Vrachali. Language: Greek. Production Country: Greece. Duration: 38΄

Christina Vrachali reveals the other side of sports, behind the distinctions, the championships, and the league tables. In this episode, she discusses with the musician, radio producer and podcaster Makis Papasimakopoulos, whom she admires for his ability to present everyday life in a magical and unique way.


Penelope’s Podcast

Creator: Georgia Syka. Production, Scriptwriter: Georgia Syka. Narration: Georgia Amburandi. Language: Greek. Production Country: Greece. Duration: 21΄

The story of Penelope today, or the story of a woman who – waiting for her Odysseus – is unfolding the vibrating pulse of expectation.

Radio Producers, Those Superheroes!

Creator: Angeliki Nikolari. Production: Georgios Bougioukos. Scriptwriter: Angeliki Nikolari. Sound Engineer, Sound Editor: Nikos Fortomas. Narration: Angeliki Nikolari, Yiannis Kastanakis, Madlen Theofilopoulou, Yiannis Stefanakos. Language: Greek. Production Country: Greece. Duration: 38΄

The radio producers of the city, those superheroes, who magically unite music with the rest of the world, come with their capes and musical choices and save the quarantined people from real boredom and monotony. They talk about the music industry of today.

Stories from Anatolia

Creator: Ensemble “Tell me a Story” (Vilia Hatzopoulou, Nadia Soufli, Katerina Georgiadou). Production: Local Stage-Maria Chatzigianni. Scriptwriter: Vilia Hatzopoulou. Sound Engineer, Sound Editor: Maria Chatzigianni. Narration: Vilia Hatzopoulou, Katerina Georgiadou, Nadia Soufli. Language: Greek. Production Country: Greece, 2021. Duration: 27΄ 

“Did you see it? Did you imagine it? Did you invent it? It’s just the same,” writes Octavio Paz. Our Narrations are the heart-wrenching stories of refugees from Asia Minor bearing loss, uprooting, reminiscence, and love. 2022 is the centennial anniversary of Minor Asia Catastrophe. History has been recorded. Stories are still told. Ours are fictional. Or are they not?


Creator: Sofia Antonakaki. Production, Scriptwriter, Sound Engineer, Sound Editor: Sofia Antonakaki. Music: Vasilis Kitsos. Language: Greek. Production Country: Greece. Duration: 25΄

Theano was born in the village of Milionas in Prespa, Florina, Greece, and tells her personal story, as she experienced it from the moment she left her village, still a small child, shortly before the end of the Greek Civil War, in the mountains where the last stages of the war took place. Spontaneously and authentically, she narrates her experiences.

The Trilogy of Silence and the Cosmic Experience as a Game

Creator: Petros Satrazanis. Production, Scriptwriter, Sound Engineer, Sound Editor, Narration: Petros Satrazanis. Language: Greek. Production Country: Greece-UK, 2021. Duration: 21΄

A poetic essay starting with three films by Theο Angelopoulos and their secret dialogue with the thinking of Costas Axelos. At the beginning of the new century, man is called to confront the experience of the cosmos once again. A director and a philosopher, at the end of the previous century, engaged in a conversation, looking back at the world and its aspects.

White οr Black

Creator: Konstantinos Zisis. Production: Karamitsos Kostas-PlayGround Productions. Script writer: Konstantinos Zisis. Music: Giannis Bouzoukis, Kostas Karamitsos. Sound Engineer, Sound Editor: Kostas Karamitsos. Language: Greek. Production Country: Greece. Duration: 22΄

Friendship, love, passion… A game of coincidences, a group of friends, they will get lost all of a sudden. However, if something is real, it is always alive. In real life, you have the choice to be either the player or the pawn. No matter what your decision is... you simply live with it in full...