TiDF25 AGORA is the biggest annual event for documentary audiovisual works in Greece and the wider region. An international 8-day event, functions mainly as a bridge, connecting the documentary to the powerful medium of television, as well as the new digital distribution platforms. TiDF25 AGORA promotes and supports the documentary medium from the stage of development to the financing, completion and distribution of the film. We are constantly aiming at developing activities which can enhance documentary filmmaking and documentary distribution.


TiDF25 AGORA includes the following activities:


TiDF25 AGORA Activities 2023

TiDF25 Agora Awards

Public Presentation: March 7 @ MOMus - Museum of Photography
Physical Meetings: March 8, Warehouse C, ground floor

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Untangling the Global Landscape, Filmmaking 2023 by Philippa Kowarsky
Wednesday, March 8, 2023 at Pavlos Zannas Theater

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