Eurimages Lab Award @ Thessaloniki Agora Works in Progress – The “Eurimages Lab Projects”

For the third time the Agora Works in Progress showcase will give the Eurimages Lab Award to one of the participating projects. Over the last ten years or so, many films have been shot and produced outside the traditional filmmaking framework, both in terms of their dramaturgy (non-scripted projects) and their production (guerrilla shooting etc.). Due to their inherent characteristics, these films rarely benefit from national funding and cannot apply to Eurimages as they would be ineligible. Despite their apparent distance from the traditional canons of filmmaking, some of these films have indubitable artistic value. They deserve to be made and enjoyed by their audience. Film evolves and this is just another form of film.


The “Eurimages Lab Projects” should be:

The “Eurimages Lab Award” is:

Eligibility criteria:

The festivals’ selection committee (Agora team) is the sole responsible for the final selection of the projects and will provide necessary guidelines for the final presentation.
The jury of the “Eurimages Lab Award” is composed by professionals selected by the festival and one Representative of Eurimages. Decisions are collectively taken by the jury.

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