When is the festival?
The festival is held from March 10 to March 20.


Where can I find the screening schedule of the online festival?
The screening schedule of the online festival is available at https://www.filmfestival.gr/program-tdf/screening-schedule


How much does the ticket for the online screenings cost?

The ticket costs €3 per film. For more information about the regulations of the festival tickets, please visit https://on.tiff.gr/ticketingpolicy.


When does the presale of tickets start?

You can pre-book your tickets for the online screenings on the 22nd of June 2021 at https://online.filmfestival.gr/.  We remind you that you can purchase your tickets for a screening any day, but you can watch the film only the day of its online screening.


Which is the platform for the online screenings?

The films are available at https://online.filmfestival.gr. Creating an account at the website is required.


How do I register on the platform?

For your registration on the platform, visit the following link https://online.filmfestival.gr/signup.html, fill in the form and select “Submit”.


How do I sign into the platform?

To sign into the platform, select the following link https://online.filmfestival.gr/signin.html, fill in your email and your password and select “Submit”.


What to do if I forget my password?

In case you forget your password, select the following link https://online.filmfestival.gr/forgotpassword.html, fill in your email, which you used for your registration in the online platform and press “Reset”. You will receive an email, which includes instructions on how to change your password.


How much time do I have to complete the screening?

From the moment you press “Play Now”, you have 24 hours to complete the screening. In case you do not finish watching the film within 24 hours, the ticket expires.


How can enable the subtitles?

To enable the subtitles for the film, press play to watch the film and then click on the CC button, which is on the right side of the screen. From there, you can select one of the three options; Off: without subtitles, Greek: for Greek subtitles and English: for English subtitles.


What does the indication Sold Out mean?

If there is an indication “Sold Out” on a film, it means that there are no available tickets for this specific film.


Can anyone living abroad watch the online Festival?

The films are available for audience and users located in Greece. The Thessaloniki International Film Festival is using geo-blocking technologies for the online events, to protect the films and the festival.


How can I redeem my invitation to watch an online film?

To redeem an invitation, select “Watch Film” after selecting the film you'd like to watch. Then, on the payment section tick the box “Promo Code”, fill in the code of the invitation and press “Apply”. The film is now available on your account. In case your code is not accepted, please make sure your invitation is for the online screenings and not for the screenings at the open-air cinemas.


How can I return my ticket for the online screenings?

The tickets for the online screenings are non-refundable and cannot be cancelled.


How can I vote for the audience awards?

After the screening, you can vote for the film you just watched at https://on.tiff.gr/fischer. You will need the unique code, which you will find at the Bonus Content section at the film’s page.


When is the live chat available?

We are available on LiveChat at www.filmfestival.gr, from 10:00 AM to midnight.