60th TIFF Guest Office

Accreditation card Information
Please pick up your accreditation card at the Guest Office- Accreditation Desk, between 10.00-20.00 located in Warehouse C, Pier 1.

Festival guests arriving by train or bus
The Festival can arrange transportation for the guests who will inform us of their arrival time in advance. Alternatively, please check in directly to your hotel. In case you do not have your accommodation details please refer to the Guest Office as mentioned above.

Festival Guests arriving by plane
Upon arrival in Thessaloniki Macedonia airport, please proceed to the Festival Information Desk (opening hours 09.00-23.00) located outside the Arrival Hall, in order to arrange transportation to your hotel. Guests arriving outside the abovementioned timetable are kindly requested to notify the Guest Office in advance, in order for transportation to be arranged by the Festival.

Guest office contact
For all information concerning your trip to and from Thessaloniki as well as your hotel accommodation please contact the Guest Office in Thessaloniki (Warehouse C, 1st floor).
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