Slow News

Slow News

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22nd TDF: World Premiere

In this brave new world we’re living in, the unbearable overload of information we are daily fed has given birth to a dystopian paradox: we believe everything and we believe nothing at the same time, as our mind is drowned in a whirlpool of tweets, posts, videos, hoaxes, and fake news. Over the last years, in different parts of the world, islets of resistance have come to surface. Small crews of independent journalists are striving to build an alternative model based on a crystal-clear principle: we need to slow down. A militant documentary that hails journalism as the key pillar of democracy.

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Direction: Alberto Puliafito
Script: Andrea Coccia, Fulvio Nebbia, Alberto Puliafto
Cinematography: Fulvio Nebbia
Editing: Fulvio Nebbia
Music: Alessandro Zangrossi, Antonio Sernia
Production: IK Produzioni
Producers: Fulvio Nebbia
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Italy
Production Year: 2020
Duration: 93΄
Contact: IK Produzioni,

Alberto Puliafito


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