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At the Thessaloniki Film Festival (TFF), we think it is important for you to know which technologies (henceforth «cookies» in this Policy) we use on our Website, as well as the reasons why we use them. We want you to be properly informed and wish to offer you the best navigation experience on our Website.
As long as you use the Webpage, it is concluded that you have given your consent for the use of cookies. However, at any time, you can modify your cookies settings through the respective settings on the browser you use. It is noted that the use of any of your information that we collect through the use of cookies is subject to our Privacy Policy, which is available through a link at the bottom of each webpage, and it aims at the protection of your personal data.
The TFF retains the right to modify this Cookies Policy at any time and without prior notice. For this reason, please visit this Webpage in order to be informed of any revised edition of this Policy. Any changes in this Cookies Policy will apply once the revised edition is made available on our Website.
It is noted that any third party advertisers and other companies that we cooperate with may use their own cookies in order to collect information regarding your activity on our Website. The TFF does not control these cookies and bears no responsibility whatsoever for their management.
Below there is further information on the definition of cookies, the type of cookies we use, their management and the purposes they serve.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files sent by almost all webpages that you visit and stored on the browser you use on your PC, Smartphone or Tablet. Cookies provide basic information on your use of the Internet, but they cannot lead to your personal identification. They help the Website identify your computer or mobile electronic device and improve the experience of your visit on the Webpage, customizing the information provided depending on your personal preferences. In no case do cookies cause any damage on the users' computers or electronic devices nor to the files stored on them.


Why do we use cookies?

On the TFF Webpage, we use cookies in order to improve the general Website operation, to facilitate the users/visitors' navigation and to achieve their smooth navigation through its various webpages. Specifically, we use cookies to memorize your preferences, so that we can present you with content relevant to your interests and needs the next time you visit our Website. Moreover, cookies help us analyze the way in which you use our Website and any difficulties you might face during your navigation on the Website. In this way, we can continuously optimize the Website operation and solve any problems that may occur.
Moreover, we utilize the cookies with your login details, so that you will not have to enter them again during your visit to the Website, but also in order to help you subscribe to our services.
Finally, we use cookies to calculate the number of visitors on our Website, as well as to assess the effectiveness of advertising or the impact of the TFF ad campaigns on our Website.


Which cookies do we use?

We use different types of cookies on our Website, which are described below. All or certain of these cookies may be stored on the browser you use. Therefore, you are able to manage them through the relevant settings of your browser, by excluding or limiting some or all of their possibilities.
Some of these cookies are strictly necessary in order to carry out the main functions of our Website, since they allow you to access and navigate on it, as well as to utilize its various functions. For this reason, it is not possible to deactivate strictly necessary cookies.
Moreover, some of these cookies (session cookies) only remain on your computer or mobile electronic device for as long as the window on the browser you use remains open, and they are automatically deleted once you close it. On the contrary, other cookies (persistent cookies) remain on your computer or your mobile device even after you close the window on the browser you use. In this way, it is possible for our Website to identify your computer or mobile electronic device when you reopen the relevant window of your browser, so as to facilitate your visiting experience on the TFF Website.


How can you contact us on the subject of cookies?

If you have any questions on the way we use cookies, contact us by e-mail on the electronic address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or, alternatively, by post on the address: 10, Aristotelous Square (PC: 54623), Thessaloniki, Tel.: +30 2310378400.

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