Diaplasis program, an initiative of the Hellenic Parliament is an inter-university creative internship programme for the production of original television content with a youthful outlook and aesthetics. Students join a one-semester internship program funded by the Hellenic Parliament and attend an intensive inter-departmental and interdisciplinary seminar under the guidance of the University Department liaisons and other experts; they form working groups, research, propose, select, film, edit (image, sound, music, graphics) and finally come up with the 15-minute documentaries of the series, which are broadcasted by the Hellenic Parliament’s TV station. In 2023, 54 students from 37 Departments and 18 University Faculties completed 50 documentaries in response to the general theme “Environment.” The 26th Thessaloniki International Documentary Festival presents a selection of nine films from this latest production, in free online screenings for the audience.

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