Letter to Theo

Lettre à Théo

A letter of love and admiration from French filmmaker Élodie Lélu to her friend and close collaborator Théo Angelopoulos, the most significant director in Greek art film history. A documentary that tells of both the Greek and the refugee crisis, interweaving excerpts from the Greek director’s films with documentary footage of the bleak reality in present-day Greece. Théo’s films and their recurring themes, immigration, nostalgia and the crushing of man by the forces of Time and History, are more meaningful than ever.

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Direction: Élodie Lélu
Script: Élodie Lélu
Cinematography: Tristan Galand
Editing: Philippe Boucq
Sound: Félix Brume, Bruno Schweiguth
Actors: Iréne Jacob
Production: Iota Production
Producer/Producers: Isabelle Truc
Co-production: Blonde, WiP
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Belgium, Greece
Production Year: 2018
Duration: 63΄
Contact: Wallonie Image Production, ventes-cbawip-sales@skynet.be