Time and Tide

Tijd en tij

International Premiere

A seemingly quiet and picturesque landscape on the Dutch coast emerges as a battlefield where the elements of nature collide and the forces that lead the universe to entropy come into play, in an endless circle of destruction and rebirth. A poetic, contemplative, and breathtaking film essay, which was born of a two-year suspenseful observation and aims at breaking all painless stereotypes about the “neutral” representation of the natural environment.

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Direction: Marleen van der Werf
Script: Marleen van der Werf
Editing: Marleen van der Werf
Sound: Michiel de Boer
Music: Dennis van Tilburg
Production: Dutch Mountain Film, Wild Work Productions
Producers: René Huybrechtse, Wilant Boekelman, Ernst de Jong, Rogier Kramer
Co-production: Evangelische Omroep
Camera: Marleen van der Werf
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: The Netherlands
Production Year: 2018
Duration: 29΄
Contact: Wild Work Productions, info@wildworkproductions.com

Assistant director: Misja Pekel

Marleen van der Werf


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