The East Has Set

Η ανατολή έδυσε

The umbilical cord between Greece and Asia Minor was cut abruptly. Questions of how, when, and why are a torment for Ηistory. The tragedy unfolds through the writings and emotions of a war correspondent, journalist, and poet. From the harsh battlefields and the ruins, the human drama finally emerges.
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Direction: Alexandros Papailiou
Script: Alexandros Papailiou
Cinematography: Stathis Galouzas
Editing: Xenophon Latinakis
Sound: Elli Politi
Music: John Borgia
Production: Hellenic History Foundation
Producer/Producers: Irini Sarioglou
Co-production: COSMOTE TV, Cultural Foundation ESIEA
Narration: Yorgos Kentros
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Greece
Production Year: 2019
Duration: 75'
Contact: Écrans des Mondes,