Back to Berlin

Back to Berlin

21st TDF: Greek Premiere

An Olympic flame of hope burning defiantly as a symbolic gesture of reclaiming the past. A feature documentary amalgamating the cinematic tradition of biker film with historical memory and athletics. The movie follows eleven modern day motor bikers who embarked in the summer of 2015 on a mission to carry the Maccabiah torch from Tel Aviv to Berlin’s infamous Olympic Stadium, where the European Maccabi Games are held. This gripping motorcycle journey spans more than 4,500 km, blending historical events with personal revelations in a sobering remembrance of a time gone by, yet fearful still, as anti-Semitism is once again on the rise.

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Direction: Catherine Lurie-Alt
Script: Catherine Lurie-Alt
Cinematography: Eyal Ben Yaish
Editing: Andrew Quigley, Julian Rodd
Sound: Philip Alton
Music: Michael Stevens
Actors: Gal Marom, Kobi Samuel, Yoram Maro, Danny Maron, Marco Maximillian Katz, Alexander Rosenkranz, Joe Gottdenker, Gili Shem Tov, Gili Shem Tov, Hila Fenlon, Elen Katz, Ziv Koren, Dani Cushmaro
Production: Cat-Mac
Producers: Catherine Lurie-Alt
Co-producers: Peter Kelly, Phelim Mcaleer, Serge Raffet, Dewey Wigod
Executive producer: Anthony Alt, Elliott Bernerd, Larry King, Stuart Urban
Camera: Ziv Binunski
Narration: Jason Isaacs
Format: DCP
Color: Color/B&W
Production Country: UK
Production Year: 2018
Duration: 76΄
Contact: Luria Media,

Catherine Lurie-Alt


2018 Back to Berlin