On the Other Side

Del otro lado

23rd TDF: European Premiere

Two brothers decide to venture on a journey to find the FARC guerrillas (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) who kept their mother captured for two years. With the help of the diary that she had been allowed to write during her capture they locate places, deciphered names and begin a journey through jungles and mountains following the trail of their mother’s pain, but also the path to forgiveness. A chilling, intimate journey through memory and our collective and personal traumas.

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Direction: Iván Guarnizo
Script: Iván Guarnizo, Nuria Polo
Cinematography: Carlos Villaoslada
Editing: Ariadna Ribas, Iván Guarnizo
Sound: Alejandro Castillo
Music: Nicolás Muñoz M.
Production: Gusano Films
Producers: Jorge Caballero, Pablo de la Chica
Co-production: Salon Indien Films
Executive producer: Jorge Caballero, Pablo de la Chica, Rosa Mercedes Caballero
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Colombia, Spain
Production Year: 2021
Duration: 83΄
Contact: LevelK

Iván Guarnizo


2021 On the Other Side | Del Otro Lado