Yiannis Adamakos. Art Is A Single Thing

Γιάννης Αδαμάκος. Η τέχνη είναι ενιαία

World Premiere
The art critic and curator Christoforos Marinos wrote about the painter: “What is the essential thing in an art like that of Adamakos? The quest for the void, the artist’s persistent effort to depict the void, forms part of the uncertainty under discussion. The void here is the essential thing [...]. There were mornings when he looked up, through the back window of his studio, stared at the gray doorway of the building across the street and imagined the painter ancestors floating in the dawn light. ‘Thank you, thank you,’ he would murmur. He was grateful to them all – all the painters who had toiled to vanquish Fear and despair, to illustrate the void.”
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Direction: Michalis Lykoudis
Script: Michalis Lykoudis
Cinematography: Kostas Blougouras
Editing: Stratos Tsichlakis
Sound: Giannis Papachristos, Giorgos Petroutsas
Music: Vaggelis Fambas
Production: ERT
Format: Digital File
Color: Color, B/W
Production Country: Greece
Production Year: 2020
Duration: 25'
Contact: Lefteris Fylaktos, efylaktos@ert.gr

Michalis Lykoudis


2011 E.H. Gonatas
2017 Dimitris Katalifos
2018 Thiva's Museum
2019 Imitation Action
2021 Yiannis Adamakos. Art Is a Single Thing