Dreams of the Sky Mausoleum


International Premiere

A shaman girl from Siberia; a retired masochist from a family of the Soviet officials; a young man with multiple psychiatric disorders, serving as an actor... Relationships with one’s body lie at the heart of each story. In modern society, we identify our “I” with our body, yet a desire to set ourselves free from its limitations is always present.

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Direction: Marianna Rybynok
Script: Marianna Rybynok
Cinematography: Zarina Kodzaeva, Denis Klebleev, Nikita Lychev, Fedor Gerleyn, Jurate Shunyavichute
Editing: Valentina Bekichentaeva, Rinat Bekichentaev, Marianna Rybynok
Sound: Rustam Medov
Actors: Saglaana Ondar, Babushka, Alexey Bogdanov, Stanislav Bolshakov, Feodor Bogdanov
Production: Vid’ya Film
Producers: Marianna Rybynok
Production Design: Irina Savina, Alexandra Dashevskaya
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Russia
Production Year: 2021
Duration: 94΄
Contact: Vid’ya Film

Marianna Rybynok


2021 Dreams of the Sky Mausoleum