Film is Dead

El cine ha muerto

World Premiere
A director returns to the town he was born to record the movie theaters that are disappearing. The town is no longer the same. He projects images on the walls of the houses, giving life to those dead spaces. Time absorbs both the history of the town and the director’s family. His father is no longer there and neither are films.
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Direction: Juan Benítez Allassia
Script: Juan Benítez Allassia
Cinematography: Andrés Boero Madrid
Editing: Juan Benítez Allassia, Federico Vicente
Sound: Augusto Bode Bisio, Rodrigo Sánchez Marino
Production: Entre-Imágenes, Pasajera Cine
Producers: Yaela Gottlieb, Federico Vicente
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Argentina
Production Year: 2022
Duration: 64΄
Contact: Entre-Imágenes

Juan Benítez Allassia


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