Arcadia 1900, Champagne D’ Orient

Arcadia 1900, Champagne D’ Orient

24th TDF: World Premiere

Welcome to the Papanikolaou Brothers Winery: Meet the patriarch father, the visionary son Vassilis, the adventurer brother Nikos, and a mother as strict as Cerberus. Producing Arcadian effervescent wines since 1885, they dream to transform the region into the Champagne of the East. The family’s inner conflicts and their competitors will lead them to a tragic end. A story about wine and greed.

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Direction: Kostas Spiropoulos
Script: Kostas Spiropoulos
Cinematography: Stathis Galazoulas
Editing: Ioannis Xiros, Panagiotis Rappas
Sound: Vassilis Vassilakis
Music: Evanthia Reboutsika
Actors: George Michalakopoulos, Isidoros Stamoulis, Sofia Seirli, Odusseas Stamoulis
Production: Arcadian Screenings
Producers: Yorgos Talianis
Co-production: ERT S.A., Greek Film Center, Region of Peloponnese, Michael N. Stassinopoulos – VIOHALCO (MSVF) Public Benefit Foundation, StoryDoc, Municipality of Tripolis, Arcadia Chamber
Costumes: Maria Papadopoulou
Sets: Maria Papadopoulou
Narration: Yorgos Michalakopoulos, Isidoros Stamoulis, Sofia Seirli, Odisseas Stamoulis
Format: DCP
Color: Color, B/W
Production Country: Greece
Production Year: 2022
Duration: 79΄
Contact: Arcadian Screenings (Yorgos Talianis,

Kostas Spiropoulos


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