Brook by Brook

Brook by Brook

Peter Brook delivers himself with tenderness to a privileged interlocutor, his son. He speaks about his work and the main times of his career (I am a phenomenon, Costume, Midsummer Night's Dream, Cherry Orchard, The Man Who, Hamlet…). The theater is in the middle of the film, but Brook also evokes his course with cinema, opera, and his love of the voyage... The dialogue between father and son is illustrated with personal anecdotes and family memories. An intimate and radiant portrait.

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Direction: Simon Brook
Script: Simon Brook, in collaboration with Fabienne Pascaud and Josie Milijevic
Cinematography: Philippe Dorelli, Emmanuel Bastien, Pascal Sutra-Fourcade
Editing: Josie Miljevic
Sound: François Waledisch, Stéphane Kayler
Music: Denis Barbier, Silvana di Martino
Actors: Irina Brook, Peter Brook, Simon Brook
Production: Agat Films et Cie, Dérives, Dum Dum, Carré Noir
Producers: Yvon Davis, Jean-Pierre Dardenne, Luc Dardenne, Arnaud Borges
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: France, Belgium
Production Year: 2002
Duration: 70΄
Contact: Brook Productions

Broadcasters: ARTE, RTBF

Simon Brook

Simon Brook was born in London and was educated in Paris and London. After training for a year as an actor at the London Drama Center, he moved to Paris where he worked as Company Manager for the European tours of Pina Bausch, the Dave Brubeck Quartet, and the Murray Louis Dance Company. He then spent a few years in New York and Los Angeles where he pursued a career in the film industry. He established Black Cat Productions in New York, producing TV dramas, music videos, and shorts. His many documentaries include 20 short films about children in Caucasus, a documentary on the Amazon river for France 2, a documentary about the Karo tribe of Ethiopia for Canal+, and the documentary feature Brook by Brook, co-produced by the Dardenne brothers. More recently, he produced and directed Annie Nightingale: Bird on the Wireless, a one-hour prime-time musical documentary with Paul McCartney and Mick Jones (of the Clash) for the BBC, and the 90-minute documentary Indian Summer, a medical road film about Ayurvedic medicine.


1991 Minus One (short)
1995 Alice (short)
2002 Brook by Brook (doc)
2005 Jungle Magic (doc)
2013 Indian Summer (doc)
2016 A Different American Dream (doc)