64th TIFF: Greek Premiere
What does mother’s milk taste like? What is the life span of sorrow? What is the expiration date of loss? Robin’s baby is stillborn, but her breasts produce milk. Unable to discard it, she will seek ways to donate it, but when this proves to be more difficult than expected, bottles of milk will begin to pile up in her freezer, complicating her life and her relationships. In her balanced yet strikingly powerful debut, Stefanie Kolk constructs an understated drama of escalating intensity in a minimalist fashion, exploring the intricate nuances of motherhood, the darker abysses of grief, and the unseen faces of solidarity between women. With a distinctive, suggestive cinematic language and touching on subjects we often struggle to talk about, Melk is a promising debut from a filmmaker you can’t help but notice.
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Available at the Agora Market TIFF64.

Direction: Stefanie Kolk
Script: Stefanie Kolk, Nena van Driel
Cinematography: Emo Weemhoff
Editing: Maarten Ernest
Sound: Koos van der Vaart, Jacob Oostra
Actors: Frieda Barnhard, Aleksej Ovsiannikov
Producers: Erik Glijnis, Leontine Petit
Co-producers: Marina Blok
Costumes: Sara Hakkenberg
Production Design: Nadide Argun
Make Up: Floor Fennis, Renee Wijnhoven
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: The Netherlands
Production Year: 2023
Duration: 96'
Contact: Lemming Film

Stefanie Kolk

Stefanie grew up in Nijmegen, Netherlands. She studied biophysics and lived in Japan for two years before entering the Netherlands Film Academy. Her graduation short Clan and shorts Harbour and latest work Eyes on the Road premiered at Locarno International Film Festival’s Pardi di Domani International Competition in 2016, 2017, and 2019. Stefanie’s films have been shown at festivals around the world, in Dutch cinemas, and on Dutch national television. She was a participant at Berlinale Talents 2019 and a Talent en Route at the Netherlands Film Festival 2019. Her first feature film Melk was selected for Berlinale Script Station 2021.


2012 Ten Days Before Spring (short)
2016 Clan (short)
2017 Harbour (short) 
2019 Eyes on the Road (short) 
2023 Melk