The Village

Le Village

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As if it sprang from Goscinny’s pages, a tiny village in the southeast of France raises a banner of resistance against an opponent superior than Roman legions: the almighty model of globalized economy. Without ever rejecting or playing down on the comforts and benefits of the modern world, Lussas’s inhabitants persist in the old-school values of a nostalgic modus vivendi. They have set up their own TV channel, they combine lifelong education and hard work, they cultivate fruit, produce wine and hold screenings of documentaries. An exhilarating pilgrimage to a small-scale Utopia, proving that life is full of alternatives and byways.

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Direction: Claire Simon
Cinematography: Claire Simon
Editing: Luc Forveille
Sound: Virgile van Ginneken, Pierre Bompy, Arnaud Marten
Production: Petit à Petit Production, Les Films de la Caravane
Producer/Producers: Rebecca Houzel, Madeline Robert
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: France
Production Year: 2019
Duration: 531΄
Contact: AndanaFilms,