Gumbo Coalition

Gumbo Coalition

25th TiDF: Greek Premiere

A feature-length verité-driven documentary film that follows two visionary social justice leaders, Marc Morial (National Urban League) and Janet Murguía (UnidosUS), as they empower their diverse African American and Latinx American communities to dismantle our country’s legacy of structural racism. Directed by two-time Academy Award-winning filmmaker Barbara Kopple, the film begins in 2018 as the country is in the grip of the Trump administration and a troubling resurgence of White Supremacy, and follows the stunning arc of the racial justice movement and the global pandemic over the ensuing years.

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Direction: Barbara Kopple
Cinematography: Jim Ball, Asad Faruqi, Gabriella Garcia-Prado, Gary Griffin, Thomas Kaufman, Bradley Rayford
Editing: Hannes Hosp, Rob Kuhns
Sound: Michael Jones
Music: Chris Paultre
Production: SellersEaston Media, Cabin Creek Films
Producers: David Cassidy, Williams Cole, Barbara Kopple, Ray Nowosielski
Executive producer: Nina Easton, Pattie Sellers, Eva Longoria, Ben Spector
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: USA
Production Year: 2022
Duration: 113'
Contact: The Film Collaborative

Barbara Kopple


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2022 Gumbo Coalition