The portrait: Yorgos Rorris paints Evaggelos Averoff

Το Πορτρέτο: Ο Γιώργος Ρόρρης ζωγραφίζει τον Ευάγγελο Αβέρωφ

26th TIDF: World Premiere

In the documentary The portrait: Yorgos Rorris paints Evaggelos Averoff, a parallel narrative unfolds, centered around the lives of its two main protagonists. The film intricately documents the creation of a portrait of the politician and benefactor Evangelos Averoff by the painter Yorgos Rorris. Rorris guides us through the meticulous process he is about to embark on. His working method is unique, as the subject of the portrait has passed away (Evangelos Averoff: 1910 – 1990). The studio, serving as the documentary's primary setting, is creatively enhanced with sounds, descriptions, memories, and images from the life and acquaintances of Evangelos Averoff. Archival material (photographs and videos) is woven into the footage, creating a comprehensive sensory and aesthetic experience. The film captures the artist's anxiety, his unique artistic temperament, the colors, combinations, and ultimately his effort to approach Evangelos Averoff and narrate his legacy through the portrait creation process.

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Available at the Agora Market TIDF26.

Direction: Antonis Simeonidis, Kalliopi Alexiadou
Script: Kalliopi Alexiadou
Cinematography: Antonis Simeonidis
Editing: Antonis Simeonidis
Sound: Antonis Simeonidis
Production: Katogi Averoff
Producers: Alexandros Ioannou
Co-production: Reach
Co-producers: Petros Ntokos
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Greece
Production Year: 2023
Duration: 30'
Contact: Katogi Averoff (Maria Dimou,

Antonis Simeonidis


2023 The portrait: Yorgos Rorris paints Evaggelos Averoff

Kalliopi Alexiadou


2023 The portrait: Yorgos Rorris paints Evaggelos Averoff