Tribute to Wang Bing

Wang Bing explores the very core of contemporary China’s harsh reality by placing focus on society’s outcasts and by rendering homage to the unseen victims of an inhuman exploitation mechanism. As his images’ profound and raw emotional texture is interwoven with a larger-scale context of historical consciousness, Bing shapes a unique aesthetics that transcends the personal and becomes universal.

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02 March 2019
10:45 Til Madness Do Us Part | Feng Ai OLYMPION ID: 112
22:30 Dead Souls | Dead Souls PAVLOS ZANNAS ID: 127
04 March 2019
11:00 Dead Souls | Dead Souls OLYMPION ID: 313
05 March 2019
13:00 Mrs. Fang | Fang Xiuying TONIA MARKETAKI ID: 433
06 March 2019
23:00 Alone | Gudu STAVROS TORNES ID: 567
09 March 2019
10:15 Bitter Money | Ku Qian OLYMPION ID: 812
13:00 West of the Tracks | Tie Xi Qu TAKIS KANELLOPOULOS ID: 8Κ3