Tribute to Wang Bing

Wang Bing explores the very core of contemporary China’s harsh reality by placing focus on society’s outcasts and by rendering homage to the unseen victims of an inhuman exploitation mechanism. As his images’ profound and raw emotional texture is interwoven with a larger-scale context of historical consciousness, Bing shapes a unique aesthetics that transcends the personal and becomes universal.

  • Alone
    Gudu Wang Bing 2012, France, Hong Kong
    “This film introduces an ordinary poor peasant’s family. We follow the relation between the family members, how in such misery men are capable of adapting themselves in order to survive, ...

  • Bitter Money
    Ku Qian Wang Bing 2016, France, China
    An insight into the grindingly dull everyday life of low-income workers in China’s garment industry, most of them migrants and minors. Trapped in a relentlessly hopeless existence, these “invisible” people ...

  • Dead Souls
    Dead Souls Wang Bing 2018, France, Switzerland
    The oral testimonies of six survivors of the “re-education” camps that were set by the Chinese Communist Party sixty years ago interweave with the silence of the dead, the oppressed, ...

  • Mrs. Fang
    Fang Xiuying Wang Bing 2017, Hong Kong, France, Germany
    An elderly woman suffering from Alzheimer’s disease returns home after a long treatment period, which failed to bring results – or even relief. Relatives and neighbors, along with the discreet ...

  • Til Madness Do Us Part
    Feng Ai Wang Bing 2013, Hong Kong, France, Japan
    In a secluded mental institution, 50 men live locked on the same floor, maintaining minimal contact with the outside world or even the personnel. Focusing on the everyday details of ...

  • West of the Tracks
    Tie Xi Qu Wang Bing 2003, China
    A cinematic document about the collapse of the greatest and oldest manufacturing center in China in the turn of the 20th century. Filmed clandestinely between 1999 and 2001, this triptych ...

02 March 2019
10:45 Til Madness Do Us Part | Feng Ai OLYMPION ID: 112
22:30 Dead Souls | Dead Souls PAVLOS ZANNAS ID: 127
04 March 2019
11:00 Dead Souls | Dead Souls OLYMPION ID: 313
05 March 2019
13:00 Mrs. Fang | Fang Xiuying TONIA MARKETAKI ID: 433
06 March 2019
23:00 Alone | Gudu STAVROS TORNES ID: 567
09 March 2019
10:15 Bitter Money | Ku Qian OLYMPION ID: 812
13:00 West of the Tracks | Tie Xi Qu TAKIS KANELLOPOULOS ID: 8Κ3

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