Docs for Kids

An innocent yet mercilessly wary gaze at reality learns to read the world.

  • Dulce
    Dulce Guille Isa, Angello Faccini 2018, Colombia, USA
    In a coastal village in Colombia, where digging for shellfish is a way of life, everyone must eventually learn how to swim — even little Dulce. But as climate change, ...

  • Gods of Molenbeek
    Gods of Molenbeek Reetta Huhtanen 2019, Finland
    The Molenbeek district in Brussels is believed to be the jihadi capital, since exposed by the media as home to the Paris terrorist attackers. Molenbeek is also home to Aatos ...

  • Inventing Tomorrow
    Inventing Tomorrow Laura Nix 2018, USA
    Six passionate and talented students from around the world attempt to solve some of the most complex environmental issues through original inventions, conducting experiments in their own backyards. A global ...

  • Liyana
    Liyana Aaron Kopp, Amanda Kopp 2018, Swaziland, USA, Qatar
    A Swazi girl embarks on a dangerous quest to rescue her young twin brothers. A beautiful animated tale, interwoven with observational documentary scenes, coming straight from the heart of Africa.

  • Marseille, to the Moon and Back
    La Vraie vie Benjamin Chevallier 2018, France
    It’s the summer holidays in Marseille. Rania and Samara fool around in their “hood,” trying not to think about September and the start of the school year. They want to ...

  • Skip and the Rhythm Rangers
    Skip and the Rhythm Rangers Olivier S. Garcia 2018, The Netherlands
    Fourteen-year-old Skip and a handful of other boys make up the dance group Rhythm Rangers. The group will compete for the title of Best Dance Crew in the TV program ...

  • Songbird
    Burung Berkicau Wisnu Surya Pratama 2017, Indonesia
    Tracking, catching and training exotic birds from deep in the jungle is a lucrative business for young Indonesian entrepreneurs. That is, if the birds’ new owners can make a good ...

  • The Children's Mayor
    De Kinderbugemeester Susan Koenen 2017, The Netherlands
    Εleven-year-old Yassine’s Moroccan origin has always made him feel that he has to try a little bit harder than his friends in order to achieve his dreams. This is why ...

  • The Little One
    Malá Diana Cam Van Nguyen 2017, Czech Republic
    A Vietnamese girl grows up in a European town. As she gets used to what it means to be both at home and a stranger at the same time, her ...

  • The Man Who Looked Beyond the Horizon
    The Man Who Looked Beyond the Horizon Martijn Blekendaal 2018, The Netherlands
    Over 40 years ago, a Dutchman left the United States in a tiny sailing boat and set sail for England. Nine months later, the boat was found adrift at sea.

  • Tre Maison Dasan
    Tre Maison Dasan Denali Tiller 2018, USA
    An intimate portrait of three boys that are very different from each other, yet all of them grow up having one of their parents in prison. Directly told through the ...

  • Yesterday/Tomorrow
    Ahir/Dema Raúl Riebenbauer 2018, Spain
    Fourteen young people from Morocco who just arrived in a refugee reception center in Spain agree to take part in a theatrical project. The result will be a life-changing experience ...

02 March 2019
11:00 Inventing Tomorrow | Inventing Tomorrow PAVLOS ZANNAS ID: 122
03 March 2019
11:00 Gods of Molenbeek | Gods of Molenbeek PAVLOS ZANNAS ID: 222
05 March 2019
19:00 Yesterday/Tomorrow | Ahir/Dema SYKIES MUNICIPAL THEATER ID: ---
09 March 2019
12:00 Yesterday/Tomorrow | Ahir/Dema FRIDA LIAPPA ID: 842
10 March 2019
11:00 Liyana | Liyana PAVLOS ZANNAS ID: 922

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