Agora Talks & Parallel Events

5-12 November 2022

Access with Festival & Agora accreditation - limited space

@ MOMus - Thessaloniki Museum of Photography

The Future of Film Markets: Think Tank Launch in collaboration with The Catalysts

Speakers: Elise Jalladeau - Festival Director, Thessaloniki IFF (GR)
Angeliki Vergou - Head of Agora, Thessaloniki IFF (GR)

Online participants:
Pascal Diot - Venice Film Bridge (IT)
Martina Bleis - Berlinale Co-production Market (DE)
Hugo Rosak - Karlovy Vary Eastern Promises (CZ)
Alessandro Gropplero - When East Meets West (IT)
Marcello Paolillo - Locarno Pro (CH)
Saoia Riba - San Sebastian Industry (ES)
Inke Van Loocke, IFFR Pro (NL)

Moderator: AC Coppens - Strategist, MC at Catalysts (FR/DE)

The Thessaloniki International Film Festival is launching a series of hybrid Think Tanks with the goal to actively engage in conversation, anticipate relevant topics of concern, discuss upcoming challenges, and offer useful support to other European film markets, from smaller through mid to high range, willing to openly ask - and answer: Should our film markets stay the same? What would be a meaningful change?

The Think Tanks are scheduled between February – April 2023

In collaboration with: The Catalysts Agency For Innovative & Creative Players


SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 5, 18.00 CET // 19.00 EET
Online Event

Script Development and Dynamic Story Design by AGORA and Sofia Meetings in partnership with ACE Producers, EAVE Network, MIDPOINT Institute & MFI

Speakers: Chistina Lazaridi - Scriptwriter, script lecturer, Head of Studies @ MFI Script 2 Film Workshops and Screenwriting Concentration, Columbia University Graduate Film Division (GR / USA)
Carla Simon - Film director, scriptwriter (ES)
A conversation between script development expert Christina Lazaridi and Golden Bear winner for Alcarràs, Carla Simon, on the development process and the tools available to scriptwriters.

In collaboration with: MFI Script 2 Film Workshops


@ MOMus - Thessaloniki Museum of Photography

Strategies for Strong Arthouse Releases

Speakers: Dr. Christian Bräuer - CEO of Yorck Kino Gruppe, President of the CICAE, Member of the Board of the German Federal Film board - FFA (DE)
Ilias Georgiopoulos - Distributor and exhibitor, General Manager Danaos Cinema and Danaos Films (GR)
Mira Staleva - Managing Director Sofia Film Festival/Cinema House, CICAE Board Member (BG)
Ifigeneia Vlachogianni - General Manager Cinema Star, Member of the Management Board of the Greek Film Center - GFC (GR)

Moderator: Marcin Pienkowski - Head of Distribution of New Horizons Association, lecturer, film historian, communication strategist for Polish film productions (PL)

Cinemas focusing on European and arthouse titles are in a phase of repositioning themselves. Creating more visibility for rich and diverse programming is demanding work, requesting creativity and a collaborative approach. The panel will dive into examples of successful arthouse releases and the strategies behind them.

With the collaboration of: CICAE Arthouse Cinemas
With the support of: The Governing Mayor of Berlin Senate Chancellery


@ MOMus - Thessaloniki Museum of Photography


The Changing Landscape of Greek Film and TV Financing: Developments, Opportunities and Challenges. What Experience Has Taught Us, and Where We Go Next. 

Speakers: Fenia Cossovitsa - (SAPOE Vice-President), Producer, Blonde (GR)
Maria Drandaki - (Member of the SAPOE Board) - Producer, Homemade Films (GR)
Kostas Kefalas - Producer, Faliro House Productions (GR)
Simos Manganis - Producer, Green Olive Films (GR)

Panel Moderator: Amanda Livanou - (SAPOE Treasurer), Producer, Neda Film (GR)

Leonidas Christopoulos - General Secretary of Digital Governance and Procedures at Ministry of Digital Governance (GR)
Athina Chatzipetrou - CEO at Hellenic Development Bank - HDB (GR)

Following up on last year’s successful talk on how Greek producers have adapted to the new reality, the panel will examine how the landscape of Greek production and financing is changing, and will attempt a first evaluation on the impact of the financial incentives in the local audiovisual industry. Additionally, the panel will look into models of cooperation between state authorities and producers for the ongoing improvement of the legislative and banking framework of the Greek audiovisual sector.

Hosted by: Audiovisual Producers’ Association of Greece (SAPOE


@ MOMus - Thessaloniki Museum of Photography

Marketing Tools at the Concept/ Development Stage of a Project by AGORA and Sofia Meetings in partnership with ACE Producers, EAVE Network, MIDPOINT Institute & MFI
Speaker: Joanna Solecka - Marketing Strategist at Alphapanda (DE/PL)

Thinking about film marketing usually takes place when the film is finished, and in most cases focuses on choosing stills, writing the synopsis and creating the poster and the trailer. It’s too late and not enough anymore. In the digital era there are so many other opportunities to reach different audiences with various assets, and ideas that ultimately would help grow the number of viewers. Having a film marketing strategy in place before starting the shoot helps to understand what kind of materials should be prepared during the production, which eventually can help the budget. Last, but not least, film marketing is fun and creative and can substantially support the pre-production process with ideas on how to prepare for the film launch. Based on case studies, this talk aims to give the audience hands-on tools on how to use film marketing strategy at the development stage, how to better understand the film world, the audiences and the ways to reach them.

In collaboration with: EAVE


@ MOMus - Thessaloniki Museum of Photography

Film Office - Central Macedonia: Meet the Locations

Welcome speech: Apostolos Tzitzikostas - Regional Governor of Central Macedonia (GR)

Meet the Locations: A Location Guide for the Region of Central Macedonia
Angeliki-Lina Milonaki - Head of Film Office - Central Macedonia (GR)

Scouting for a Location Guide in Central Macedonia
Speaker: Roula Tsotra - CEO, Media World Productions (GR)

Meet Your Next Shooting Location: A Location Scouting Fam-trip in Central Macedonia
Speaker: Dionysia Arvanitou - Production support advisor and project coordinator, Film Office - Central Macedonia (GR)

Q&A session: A joint discussion between location managers and the Hellenic Film Commission about the location scouting fam-trip in Central Macedonia

Moderator: Angeliki-Lina Milonaki - Head of Film Office - Central Macedonia (GR)

Film Office - Central Macedonia proudly presents the first location guide for the Region of Central Macedonia, which reveals a limitless variety of the public locations it offers for film and television projects of all genres. The location guide of Central Macedonia introduces an array of incredible, diverse landscapes within a small geographical distance, combining nature, cultural and heritage sites, modern cityscapes as well as traditional villages and countryside. The Film Office also launches its new promotional campaign, “Meet your next shooting location in Central Macedonia”, aiming to establish the Region as an attractive filming destination for audiovisual productions in Greece and abroad. For this reason, the Film Office has recently organized the first location scouting fam-trip in Central Macedonia with the support of the Hellenic Film Commission and with the participation of distinguished Greek location managers, who are also invited in Agora to share their experiences of the trip and to discuss more about the locations they explored.

Hosted by: Film Office - Central Macedonia


@ Mediterranean Palace Hotel

Parallel Event

The Public Sector Goes to…the Cinema: Intersections of the Public Sector and the Film and A/V Industry

Organizer: Hellenic Film Commission of the Greek Film Center

The two successful case studies of the Athens Film Office and the Central Macedonia Film Office will be presented in the context of this seminar, while professional location managers and producers will share their experiences about the challenges during pre-production and on the field. Additionally, representatives of relevant public organizations will talk about their encounters with various requests from A/V productions, focusing on the example of Central Macedonia. Possible scenarios for more effective cooperation between the public sector and the A/V Industry will be explored at the end of the seminar.

NOTE: The work language or this event is Greek only and there will be no simultaneous translation.

Hosted by: Hellenic Film Commission


@ MOMus - Thessaloniki Museum of Photography

On Location and Beyond: The Invisible Benefits of Film Commissions and Film Offices

Speakers: Marco Cucco - Cultural Management Professor (IT)
Martin Cuff - Creative Industries and Nation Branding Specialist (GB/ZA/RS)
Eleni Vougioukalaki - Acting Director of the Heraklion Department of Tourism (GR)
Teija Raninen, Film Commissioner (FI)

Moderator: Maria Koufopoulou (GR)

The panel will investigate the tangible and intangible benefits generated by film commissions in their mediating role between audiovisual productions and local stakeholders. Comparing international case studies and film-friendly policies, we will explore how film and audiovisual production could serve as a strategic area for cultural, economic, and touristic development.

Hosted by: Hellenic Film Commission


@ MOMus - Thessaloniki Museum of Photography

The Green Challenge: A presentation of EVIA FILM PROJECT: The First Event by the Thessaloniki Film Festival Dedicated to Environmental Sustainability

Speakers: Ioannis Kontzias - Mayor of Istiaia-Edipsos (GR)
Orestis Andreadakis - Director of the Thessaloniki International Film Festival (GR)

Last summer, in the wake of one of the largest environmental disasters Greece has ever faced, the Thessaloniki Film Festival introduced a new, hopeful initiative that would take place in the afflicted areas or Northern Evia: The Evia Film Project. Between the 15th and 19th of June 2022, renowned filmmakers and industry professionals from Greece and abroad had the opportunity to participate in various activities, to watch films and to enjoy the hospitality and lovely surroundings of the welcoming towns of Edipsos, Aghia Anna and Limni. The Evia Film Project aspires to become a cinematic pole of international interest for green cinema, creating a novel platform for connecting audiovisual professionals from around the world. We take a look at what was achieved and how we move forward by taking more sustainable steps towards a greener future.

With the support of the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports and the Region of Central Greece


@ MOMus - Thessaloniki Museum of Photography

Parallel Event

Creative Europe Program: Culture and the Protection of the Environment

The EU has adopted ambitious legislation across multiple policy areas to implement its international commitments to climate change. Along with this effort, cultural organizations have a dynamic presence and adapt to new data at great speed, apply innovative practices and launch new initiatives. Representatives of various cultural institutions of the city of Thessaloniki and the region will present their activities.

Hosted by: Ministry of Culture and Sports and Creative Europe MEDIA Greece


@ MOMus - Thessaloniki Museum of Photography

The Stress Factor: How to Stay Well and Mentally Balanced in an Ever-demanding Industry

Speakers: Anamaria Antoci, Producer and EWA Executive Director (RO)
Elena Christopoulou, Holistic Health Professional (GR)
Vassiliki Diagouma, Head of Communication & International Relations Department, EKOME (GR)
Yorgos Tsourgiannis, producer, horsefly productions (GR)

Moderator: Katarina Tomkova - Producer, Kaleidoscope (SK)

The audiovisual industry focuses on performance and creativity. Yet, as recent studies are showing, particularly in an after-pandemic reality, its high demands have started to take a toll on our well-being and capacity: exhaustion, burnout, high stress levels and a tendency to leave the industry, affect all of us in one way or another, even if the discussion about mental health is still somehow perceived as taboo. The experience of the panelists, their acknowledgement of the issue, as well as their own individual solutions, will offer the audience a shared space that aims to destigmatize the subject of mental health.


@ MOMus - Thessaloniki Museum of Photography

Parallel Event

SEE Cinema Network Press Conference & Results

Speakers: Balkanski Kamen - Bulgarian National Film Center (BG)
Elena Christodoulidou - Cultural Services, Deputy Ministry of Culture (CY)
Athena Kartalou - Greek Film Center (GR)
Citaku Lum - Kosovo Film Center (XK)
Bozovic Aleksandra, Nickcevic Marija - Montenegro Film Center (MNE)
Lazarevski Bojan - N. Macedonian Film Center (MKD)
Una Domazetoski, Gordan Madic - Serbian Film Center (RS)

Moderator: Anna Kasimati - SEE Cinema Network Executive Secretary (GR)

Οn the occasion of the announcement of this year’s results of support for development, the SEE Cinema Network will inform about future goals and initiatives, while keeping the commitment to further promote and strengthen the ecosystem of the film industry of the countries of Southeastern Europe.

Hosted by: SEE Cinema Network


@ Pavlos Zannas Theater

The Representation of the LGBTQ+ Community In Greek Film and Television

Speakers: Yorgos Kapoutzidis - Actor and Scriptwriter (GR)
Konstantinos Kyriakos - Professor of Theater & Film Studies and Director of the Postgraduate Program Contemporary Approaches to the Performing Arts and Film (History, Theory, Identity Politics) - Department of Theater Studies, Faculty of Humanities & Social Studies, University of Patras (GR)

Yorgos Kapoutzidis, the 63rd TIFF Agora Ambassador, will engage in discussion with Konstantinos Kyriakos about the depiction of the queer community on the big and small screen and, therefore, in the Greek consciousness.

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