Climate Hub

Friday 3/3 - Monday 6/3 and Thursday 9/3 - Saturday 11/3, 17:00

Warehouse C

All Climate Hub conversations will be in English 


Climate Hub

As a festival, we have always aimed to host stories that address urgent social issues of global impact, giving our audiences the space to reflect on how they lead their own lives. In our latest edition, we urge you as our fellow participants and as active citizens to join us in our effort to be as green and sustainable as possible. This year we are launching a new parallel action, the Climate Hub. It’s a series of conversations with the participation of leading organizations, teams and experts, focusing on issues of social and environmental sustainability, that will be discussed in regard to their applicability in the audiovisual sector. With the participation of Electra Energy Cooperative, OnMaterials, InCommOn, SKG Makers, Zero Waste Thessaloniki, WWF and Eleni Stefanou (brand & content strategist, former social platforms editor for The Guardian). 


Climate Hub - Program


Friday 3/3

“The evolving nature of environmental storytelling”

The way we talk about the climate crisis has changed drastically in the last five years. Everything from the words we use (’global heating’ in place of ‘global warming’) to the complexity with which we address the issue has shifted as the repercussions of a 2C temperature rise become less theoretical and more visceral around us.

There is a huge opportunity - a necessity even - for the stories we tell to also evolve. How do we treat the climate crisis with urgency without leaving audiences in a place of passive despair? Is there room for environmental narratives in non-climate-related stories? And how do we continue to cover an issue that will be with us for generations to come in new and galvanizing ways? Join us in a fireside chat to explore and expand on these important questions.

Speaker Eleni Stefanou - multimedia producer, former social media editor at The Guardian


Saturday 4/3

“A route map towards sustainable production in creative industries”

An open discussion with OnMaterials platform to collectively think and shape a creative industry that can work more efficiently, sustainably and creatively. The platform focuses on materials’ life cycle within creative productions (exhibition spaces, museums, theaters, film settings and trade fairs) and explores the possible strategies of their creative reuse. The initiative aims at raising a circular awareness in production processes and activating a network of creatives and cultural organizations to start working together on new strategies towards sustainable creative productions.

Speaker Maria Adela Konomi - OnMaterials


Sunday 5/3

“Bottom-up circular economy, enabling making with an impact”

SKG Makers is the makerspace of the Municipality of Thessaloniki aiming to unite, empower and strengthen the maker movement. Based on circular economy principles, and by providing access to equipment and knowledge, the goal is to highlight creative and entrepreneurial efforts that can be sustainable as well as impactful. We open the debate on social environmental innovation, redefining the concepts of reuse, redesign, and recycling of materials by supporting the makers of the city.

Speaker Nikos Tsoniotis - SKG Makers


Monday 6/3

“Zero waste steps”

A conversation and a deep dive around circular economy and sustainability “buzz words”.

Speakers Aravella Salonikidou, Lizetta Fotoglou - Zero Waste Thessaloniki


Thursday 9/3

"Energy communities as drivers for a socially and environmentally sustainable filming"

Α conversation on climate change and just transition to a clean energy system. We will explore the concept of climate change, energy communities, and how to ensure that the energy transition is fair, inclusive, and democratic. We will also explore the concept of environmental sustainability and filming – energy consumption and CO2 emissions in film production, and think on ideas on how energy communities can minimize the environmental impact of film productions. We will also look at social and political dimensions of community energy, and inspirational community energy initiatives in Greece, the Balkans, and the rest of Europe.

Speaker Dimitris Kitsikopoulos - ELECTRA ENERGY cooperative


Friday 10/3 

“Climate Change: the DOCument of sustainable choices

How we could contribute to the mitigation of climate change through the adoption of good circular approaches and practices in the various aspects of cinematic reality. A participatory meeting of (re)thinking and sharing ideas and applications.

Speaker Filippos Nachmias - InCommOn


Saturday 11/3

Changing the stories of climate change

The climate crisis changes the lives of all of us on a daily basis. Its consequences are now visible and the stories surrounding it are endless and spread all over the world. Now, more than ever, we need a different, penetrating narrative. How can we escape from the classic narrative paths, tell different stories about the "bet of our generation" and touch the core of the matter?

Speaker Iasonas Kantas - WWF