20 Years Greatest Hits: All-night Music Documentaries Marathon

OLYMPION, 09/03/2018 23:59

One of the most memories from the 1st Thessaloniki Documentary Festival was the night in which the city stayed up all night at the Olympion theatre, watching music documentaries. Twenty years later we’ll do exactly the same thing, watching documentaries on bands and musician that defined the 90s, the decade which gave birth to our Festival. Bring your best smile and let’s stay up all night together.


Olympion, Friday 9/3, 23:59


00:00 - Wandering Soul, Αγγελική Αριστομενοπούλου, 2010, 60'
A film on Yiannis Aggelakas, a musician whose lyrics defined the alternative Greek rock scene. From his days as the lead singer of Trypes back in the 80s until this very day, his poetry remains as timely as ever. The film follows him in his everyday life along with his fellow musicians, highlighting the development of their musical identity

01:05 - Pulp: A Film About Life, Death, and Supermarkets, Florian Habicht, 2014, 100'
A film that revisits the celebrated history of one of brit pop’s most fascinating bands, on the occasion of the last concept of their career, under the groove of songs that sound as fresh as the first time we heard them. A music documentary for all the “common people” out there

02:50 - George Michael: Freedom, David Austin, George Michael, 2017, 96'
Co-directed by George Michael himself before his sudden passing, the film offers a sincere and unpretentious view on the life and career of a musician who exceeded the music industry’s expectations though his brilliant talent, but was lost all too soon.

04:35 - Strange Powers: Stephin Merrit and the Magnetic Fields, Kerthy Fix, Gail O’Hara, 2010, 85'
Stephin Merrit is known as “the Cole Porter of his generation.” His musical palette contains any genre imaginable, from gothic rock to opera, while the Mangetic Fields’ 69 Love Songs is widely considered as one of best albums of the 90s. A unique documentary on the man himself and his musical genius.

06:05 - Cobain: Montage of Heck, Brett Morgen, 2015, 132'
Guided by Kurt Cobain’s personal diary, home movies and, of course, his music, this film reveals the man behind the myth and documents his journey from his restless youth to his enthronement as the icon of a generation.

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