Writing with Sounds: Masterclass with Frédérique Pressmann

Pavlos Zannas Theater Tuesday, March 15, 11:00


In a time of widespread (yet standardized) diffusion of the medium of podcasts, this masterclass is an open invitation to (re)discover the art of radio documentary and to explore the different potentials of sound as narrative material. Frédérique Pressmann is a documentary filmmaker and sound artist born in Paris in 1966. She started out as a journalist for printed press in New York City in the late ’80s, writing most notably for The Village Voice. Upon her return to Paris in the ’90s, she worked as a radio producer, content editor for various newspapers, and English to French translator of books. She soon moved on to documentary filmmaking. Her first film, A Circus in New York was screened in numerous festivals around the world and won several awards in France. She has also produced numerous soundscapes and radio documentaries, working mainly for the French public radio. Since 2009, she has been teaching hands-on courses on documentary in high schools and colleges in France, including at the prestigious ENS Louis-Lumière.