Traveling Docs: How to Foster Sustainable Film Production for Documentaries Challenges and Incentives

MoMus–Thessaloniki Museum of Photography, Tuesday, March 15, 14:30


Sustainability in the film industry is a popular topic, and rightly so. In recent years we have seen a shift towards more eco-conscious filmmaking, as well as an emergence of organizations dedicated to helping lessen the industry’s environmental impact. Committed to the cause, Traveling Docs, a program fostered by 11 Creative Europe Desks, is led this year by the Greek Creative Europe Desk and hosted at the TDF. The participants will share their insights into towards eco-friendly production, with the hope that it will inspire others to follow suit. Speakers: Alberto Battocchi, Dr. Judith Keilbach, Julia Tordai, Zsofia Szemeredy, Tim Wagendorp. Moderation: Emma Doxiadi.