Crete Arising

Crete Arising

World Premiere

Every year the island of Crete ranks as one of the top summer vacation spots in the world. Concerned that the mega-industry of tourism is altering the Cretan culture, a group of mountaineers sets about to organize the first ever winter ski mountaineering race on the island.

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Direction: Constantine Papanicolaou
Script: Constantine Papanicolaou
Cinematography: Constantine Papanicolaou, Emmanouel Armoutakis, Konstantinos Gdondakis
Editing: Constantine Papanicolaou
Sound: Nikos Kefaloyiannis
Music: Yannis Papatzanis, Dimitris Sideris, George Zacharioudakis
Production: Frozen Ambrosia
Producers: Constantine Papanicolaou
Co-production: Cosmote TV
Narration: Constantine Papanicolaou
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Greece
Production Year: 2018
Duration: 58΄
Contact: Frozen Ambrosia,

Constantine Papanicolaou


2016 Frozen Ambrosia
2018 Crete Arising